Infestation (2005)

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    The not too distant future. A deadly virus has swept across the Earth. Billions perished. The survivors moved underground . . . 30 years on and plagued with self-blame following a devastating crash, pilot Loki is coaxed back from the edge by his partner Sash. Together they must take on a new mission: Go Topside. Retrieve missing recon team. Hostility unknown. After a thunderous journey through the Earth's crust they discover the planet surface is not what it once was, only death survives. As they quickly uncover the fate that befell the first team, they are forced to make a choice, either stay and die or stay and fight. But what will kill them first, the mutants or the virus?

    IMDB Rating: 4.7/10

    Ross Evison ... Loki
    Simon Evison ... Travis
    Malcolm Raeburn ... Commander Freeman
    Susan Riley ... Sash
    Matt Routledge ... Elias
    Paul Sutherland

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    Sound similar to an other movie just released,i will look at though,thanks

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