NitroFlare Infographics that drive traffic with Stew Lagille

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    Infographics that drive traffic with Stew Lagille

    Infographics are more likely to be viewed and shared more than text by...



    .............20x ?????

    ..............WHAT!! 30 to 40 times more!! ::my Sumo-jaw drops::

    Ok young Sumo-ling, I don't even have to TELL you that when something works 30x to 40x might wanna investigate.

    Well this info is just too damn we sent out our Samurai Sumo Squad to capture and detain infographics expert Stew Langille.

    This "Stew" guy was the VP of marketing for before it got bought out for $170,000,000 after only two years in business partly thanks to very clever marketing. is famous for its viral infographics which still drive TONS of new traffic for them (and get them crazy amounts of free links)...and Stew knows all the secrets behind infographics...and making them viral...and we want all those infographic secrets from his brain.

    So our Sumo Squad kidnapped Stew. They administered a healthy dose of sodium pentathol (aka "truth serum"). Then got him talking. Here's just SOME of the info we extracted on video:

    The reason WHY infographics are 30 to 40 times more likely to be viewed and shared vs text (and can get your website massive traffic and SEO benefits)
    The types of infographics that get the most attention
    Steps to take when creating infographics
    How to find a designer through
    Where you should post an infographic for maximum exposure
    How can help your infographic go viral
    See a case study of a Techcrunch infographic and a Yelp infographic
    Services that will create an infographic for you

    Now normally when something can get you free traffic and free links...or get 30 to 40 times the attention as text...people don't sell that info for cheap.

    ...but since us fat Sumos love you so much...we're giving you a copy of the infographics secrets we stole from Stew's brain for A HUGE DISCOUNT TODAY ONLY.

    This deal goes ::KA-POOF:: by tonight, so get your greedy-lil-hands on a copy RIGHT NOW before you get sucked back into work.

    Watching this Action Video might change up your whole marketing strategy!


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