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    InstallAware Studio Admin 15 | 2.2 Gb

    Name: InstallAware Studio Admin
    Version: 15.05.201
    Home: Free Windows Installer - MSI Installer Tool
    Interface: english
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
    Size: 2.2 Gb

    InstallAware 15 is the second major version release by InstallAware Software since InstallShield's last minor upgrade earlier this year.

    InstallShield had most recently cloned InstallAware's Partial Web Deployment and Shelling to MSI setup innovations. InstallAware has revitalized the setup industry, forcing InstallShield to a point of inversion where they find themselves cloning InstallAware features - instead of worrying about their own copycat clones.

    InstallAware 15 adds automatic web updates. As long as an Internet connection is available, end-users of InstallAware clients are guaranteed to have the latest versions of their applications installed. Third party products are easily bundled with your applications using automatic web updates, creating dynamically updated offers generated by your most up-to-date business rules.

    The new version 2.0 of the InstallAware Native Code Setup Engine installs software onto the most hardened of environments; seamlessly updating files and registry keys locked by users such as TrustedInstaller (the Windows Installer engine); while preserving security settings on the objects being updated - retaining maximum security lock-down.

    InstallAware Inline Updates, contributed to this release by InstallAware Spain, are another unique benefit currently unavailable in InstallShield. Developers may now issue gigabytes of full, monolithic product updates from remote, isolated locations with very limited bandwidth - increasing team agility and empowering worldwide collaboration.

    InstallAware 15's new setup capture technology no longer requires clean machines, and provides the fastest setup capture speeds in the entire industry. A snapshot based capture method compares any arbitrary two system snapshots - even those sourced from different operating systems and underlying hardware. A new proprietary direct capture method immediately captures any live changes; without having to install a driver.

    More info:
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    About InstallAware Software

    InstallAware Software, founded in 2003, is a software development company focused solely on state-of-the-art software installation tools that offer the highest compression ratios and bullet-proof installations. InstallAware was named a "Leader of the Software Development Industry" this year in the SD Times 2012 100.

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