NitroFlare IntelliJ IDEA.15.0 (Mac OS X)

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    IntelliJ IDEA 15.0 (Mac OS X) | 400.8 MB

    IntelliJ IDEA 15, the Java IDE with the mind share of faster growth, including improved support for Java EE 7 best support spring, new tools for the development of Android and refined Gradle integration.

    The IDE really know your code and helps to give intelligent and relevant suggestions in all contexts: the completion of instant and intelligent code on the fly code analysis, project navigation easy and reliable refactoring tools.

    The most intelligent IDE for the Java platform

    Out of the box, IntelliJ IDEA provides a complete set of tools and functions that includes integration with the most important modern technologies and frameworks for business and web development with Java, Scala, Groovy and other languages.

    OS X 10.6+
    Java 8+



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