Internet Download Manager 5.15 Build 4 + 4 patches+Tutorial

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Dawnz, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Internet Download Manager 5.15 Build 4 + 4 patches + Tutorial

    5.15 Build 4 | 4 patches | Tutorial pdf

    Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.

    Changes in 5.15 Build 4:

    Fixed a bug with erroneous interceptions of downloads from

    Added support for AOL Desktop 10 browser

    Added play list support to IDM Download panel for Windows Media Player Active X.

    Added IDM Download panel to browsers for RealPlayer ActiveX

    Patches Included:
    Preferably use Alpha patcher or BRD or Pharaoh Patch

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    Thanks........I'll try it
  3. jftok

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    Thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing
  5. wpksortzfe

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    Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks 4 sharing...:heyo::heyo::heyo:
  7. itisjust4fun

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    Thanks for this.......... Hope it works like it should

  8. itisjust4fun

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    Installed and patched it and tried it out with both Rapidshare and an HTTP download from the site here and both worked Very Well.....

    I did notice that the download speeds via the IDM compared with my regular downloading way was a lot faster....... I Was able to download RAMBO 4.35 GIG from HTTP at 778 KB/Sec compared to 206 KB/Sec...

    Great Post Dawnz, and with your tutorial, I hope it helps out others like it did me with the downloading speeds...


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    Thanks man. Updated 5.12 nicely
  10. jftok

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    Always thanks.
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    Thanks for the share.


    :rap:Im alarmed with this....can someone explain this?it happen when i patch the prog.

  13. itisjust4fun

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    Not sure which Patch you tried, but the patch that worked for me was the ALPHA PATCHER...

    After installation of the program make sure it is not running in the task bar.. if it is, click on it and EXIT...... Now go back into the "Patches" folder and open up the Alpha Patcher file... inside will be the patcher...

    Next, copy this patcher and then go to the IDM installation directory... (Probably located at --> C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager) and paste the patcher inside this folder.

    Next simply double click the patcher and click on PATCH button on the bottom and let it patch the program... in the window it should tell you if successful or not...

    Restart IDM and you should be good to go..

    Good Luck


    Ok thanks for this, ill try to patch it again, i will tell the result soon:cray:


    itisjust4fun:heyo: tnx its now working properly....
    But i have a problem in downloading...i follow the tutorial on IDM it seems ok at the first but when i look in the folder wher i save shows like this....

    it direct me to the site of rapidshare:mda: am i doing wrong?
  16. itisjust4fun

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    I think the links maybe dead.... all it is downloading for u is the web sites error page... to confirm, just double click the file it downloaded and my guess it will take you to Rapidshares error page...

    If you copy and then paste the link separately into the address bar you will see right away if the link is dead and my guess it is, so you need to find a different download for the movie..

    Good Luck and Hope it helps



    i dont think the link is dead bro, i try to dl the file of Internet Download Manager 5.15 Build on the first page of this thread again and i get the same rapidshare error page:mda:
  18. Dawnz

    Dawnz Guest


    The reasons could be:

    1. The links are dead or,
    2.The links are not being properly highlighted/copied or,.
    3.Direct downloading using a download manager is enabled only for RS premium members. Please check your RS premium subscription or,
    4.IDM has not integrated fully with your browser.
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    Thanks Dawnz

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