Itchy Heart (2004)

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    Itchy Heart (2004)
    aka The Seven Year Itch
    aka Chat nin han yeung

    Genre: Comedy / Romance

    Poon (Sean Lau) has been living a humdrum life since he married Cheung seven years ago. Suddenly* Cheung decides to go on a vacation alone and leaves her husband behind in Hong Kong. What's good for the goose is good for the gander* and it isn't long before Poon is plunging into some romantic adventures of his own. He runs into his first love* Bing (Carina Lau)* who's become a successful career woman. Question is* will Poon go all the way?

    The Bottom Line: Itchy Heart is a perfectly made romantic comedy for both women and men* thanks to the performances of the main cast* mainly comic but at times dramatic.

    Country: Hong Kong
    Subtitle: English (hard)


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