It's Gonna Get Worse (2007)

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    Rating: 7.6/10 (59 votes)
    Runtime: 84
    Language: Czech (hardcoded En subs)
    Country: Czech Republic
    Color: B/W monochrome shot on 16mm and transferred to 35mm
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Petr Nikolaev
    Karel Zídek ... Olin
    Filip Kankovský ... Spína
    Vladimír Skultéty ... Ota
    Tereza Hofová ... Olina
    Radomil Uhlir ... Woodsman
    David Strnad ... Hash
    Michal Gulyás ... Packa
    Michal Soucek ... Pejza
    Perla Kotmelová ... Hrbatá
    Eva Cerná ... Petra
    Pavel Zajicek ... Josef
    Hynek Cermak ... Pedro
    Martin Dusbaba ... Jarousek
    Karel Zima ... Fasoun
    Miroslav Hanus ... Adamec

    Description: A decade after director Petr Nikolaev's comedy The Wonderful Years that Sucked, the filmmaker revisits the era of President Husák with this film about a troubled twenty-one year old from North Bohemia realize that dreaming just isn't enough for them anymore. The decade is the 1980s, and Olin has just been released from the psychiatric hospital. Most of the time Olin just hangs out with his friends in the local pubs, longing for the day that he won't be hassled by the authorities simply for being different. Olin resents the totalitarian regime that controls his every move, and spends most of his time just drinking and doing drugs. One day, realizing that the future in North Bohemia is bleak, Olin and his friends decide to emigrate. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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