Jack Hunter - The Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb (2008) Dvdrip

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    Jack Hunter - The Quest for Akhenaten's Tomb (2008) Dvdrip


    Jack meets with Liz Johnson, an NSA operative, who explains that an obelisk with Ugaritic symbols has been found in Egypt, by Dr. Lena Halstrom, linking the pharaoh Akenaten to the lost treasure of Ugarit, Jack agrees to investigate. Jack meets up with Nadia and Tariq in Egypt. While Jack, Lena, and Nadia study the obelisk, Eyhab attempts to steal the obelisk, but Jack and the others thwart the heist only to be accused of stealing the obelisk by Dr. Said. Jack decides that they have no alternative but follow the clues to find the hidden tomb of Akhenaton ...

    Type avi/xvid
    size : 700.30 MB
    Image; width 704 pixels - height 400 pixels
    Audio; duration 01;34;17 - bit rate 128kbps
    audio format MPEG Layer-3
    Video; frame rate 25 frames/second
    data rate 126kbps
    Language : English

    DL RS
    No PW Needed
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