NitroFlare Jamtrack Central Jack Thammarat - 20 Licks : Building The Ballad

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    Jamtrack Central Jack Thammarat - 20 Licks: Building The Ballad
    MP4+MP3+PDF | AVC 6185kbps | English | 1280x720 | 25fps | 20 licks | AAC stereo 317kbps | 1.43 GB
    Genre: Video Training

    Oh boy, where do we start?! - Jack has blown us away once again! First and foremost we'd like to welcome Jack to our '20 Licks' series; he's created something very special indeed... This is a 20 licks package with a twist! These 20 licks are seriously cool; they're jam packed with soul, style, dynamics and emotion. In these licks Jack leans on all the right notes, beckoning the perfect colour tones out and into his melodies. Each lick is highly melodic, full of fresh, inspirational and creative ideas that you can apply to your guitar solos right away. But here's the best part; each of the 20 licks in this package all line up to create an awe-inspiring and epic full track that would be worth the value of the pack on its own! Infusing melodic bluesy lines into a Rock context Jack really has built an incredible Ballad!
    We have included EVERYTHING you need to really master these licks: 20 full lick videos (plus backing tracks to practise each licks to), 20 slow videos (also including slow backing tracks) for you to study, analyse, practise and master, as well as lick notes to help you understand some of the basic theory behind the licks.

    When you've learned each and every lick, you can stitch them all together and play along with Jack in the full play through video of 'Lonesome Night', or jam out to the full backing track playing the original lines, or incorporating your own soloing ideas.





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