NitroFlare Jason Hanson - Spy Escape and Evasion (DVDRip)

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    Jason Hanson - Spy Escape and Evasion (DVDRip)
    30xDVDRip | MP4/AVC, ~900 kb/s | 912x512 | Duration: 03:42:53 | English: AAC, 115 kb/s (2 ch) | + PDF Guide | 1,59 Gb
    Genre: Self-Defense​

    The 4 Hour course is action-packed and full of practical information and skills that you and your family will actually use to help you to AVOID emergency situations by learning how to:
    Keep yourself safe in airplanes, hotels, and public transportation (cabs & buses)
    Prepare your home or business to avoid break-in with inexpensive solutions
    Know if you are being followed and evade surveillance
    Recognize the signs that a serious event is about to occur
    Become a human lie detector and know when you are being deceived
    Use social engineering to get almost anything you want
    Avoid identity theft
    Create a 23 piece Safety & Survival Kit to keep in your car and at home

    And then what to do when an emergency does happen. For example you will learn how to:

    Break out of duct tape, zip ties and handcuffs in under 30 seconds or less
    Pick a door and padlocks
    Use simple techniques to scare off a potential and immediate threat
    Follow a 3 step process to disappear without a trace
    Create and use an improvised weapon


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