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    Jason Miles & Jim Cockrum - Proven Self Publishing

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    Price: $297

    Here's a simple question: "What separates those who are getting incredible results online from those who are achieving average or virtually no results in growing an audience, establishing their reputation, or earning an income?"

    The answer? GREAT CONTENT

    What sort of content separates you from the pack better than any other option you have? A BOOK!

    Having a book written in your name is the most powerful possible business card you can ever have. Authors are perceived as leaders, and those who "lead" predictably grow audiences and get results.

    The PSP video course will show you how to:

    Put the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform to work for you
    Sell your books directly via your own website
    Use Createspace, Amazon's simple paperback service
    Use Audible & Itunes audio books as a simple alternative
    Leverage additional platforms
    Have a solid marketing plan
    Use the art of valuable writing
    Build your brand
    Obtaining celebrity endorsements for your content
    Breaking into the traditional book market
    Build a following
    Ensure a solid launch using our Pre-Reader Launch System
    Use our top 20 marketing tactics & hacks
    Understand the big business of book publishing
    Set correct money expectations
    Learn the business of writing
    Create your own marketplace opportunity
    Earn top-dollar in self publishing
    Add multiple income streams with self publishing

    Course Features:

    Video content in multiple formats
    Downloadable transcripts for each module & all-in-one zip file
    Moderated online community of like-minded authors & entrepreneurs
    User-friendly navigation


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