Jeff Olson - The Slight Edge: The Secret to a Successful Life

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    Jeff Olson - The Slight Edge: The Secret to a Successful Life
    English | MP3 320 kbps 44 KHz Stereo | 3 CDs | 531 MB
    Genre: AudioBook

    The Secret to a Successful Life: Are you missing something that may help you to attain your goals and dreams? Then The Slight Edge Audiobook from Jeff Olson may be the tool to help you accomplish them! Jeff Olson is an effective entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. His book can help you through using the Slight Edge Philosophy âпїЅпїЅ the tools to motivate yourself down the road to success. Jeff will coach you on how to sustain your own personal development and demonstrate how it's the small steps you are making that yield the most dramatic results. Within this inspiring book, you'll discover the secrets for improving every aspect of your existence - your wellbeing, your money, your personal relationships and your lifestyle.

    With The Slight Edge Audiobook You'll Learn The Following:

    * Take advantage of the energy of routine disciplines;

    * Multiply your business energy by doubling your rate of failure;

    * Identify habits that are beneficial and replace those that are not;

    * Harness the powers of reflection, completion and celebration; and

    * Narrow the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be in your life; Successful people do what unsuccessful people will not do, and The Slight Edge audio book will highlight what successful people do, including:

    * Developing Coaching Associations with successful people;

    * Disassociating with negative people who are poised to drag them down;

    * Speeding up their understanding by finding mentors and modeling their actions

    * Using a combination of book smarts and street smarts; and

    * Identifying when they are being offered the choice of wisdom - and taking it!


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