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    Jeremy Reeves - The Sales Stacker System Complete

    This course shows you how to add strategic business growth strategies which multiply profits, increase your authority, and regain control of the finances of your business.

    Here's What's Included In The Sales Stacker System.

    Week #1: Setting Up Your Foundation

    This week we'll be putting together several foundational principles that'll maximize what you can get out of the next 11 weeks. In it we'll go over.

    Developing the right mindset
    Why YOU need to be the industry leader
    All the resources you'll need throughout this 12-week course
    Which key metrics you need to track, WHY you need to track them, how to track them, and a spreadsheet you'll need to track them
    "The Brain Dump" which is designed to clear up your mental RAM and get you thinking more clearly

    Week #2: Creating A Rock-Solid Business

    This week, we'll be talking about making your business rock-solid. In this week's training we'll cover.

    The little-known and rarely used strategy of pre-eminence and why it's crucial to your business success.
    A step-by-step process for developing and clarifying your unique selling proposition
    How to create a no-risk environment for your customers which virtually instantly. and dramatically. boosts your sales
    How to create your "perfect customer avatar" which instantly increases the effectiveness of your marketing
    How to increase your communication skills for more profits, increased persuasion, and much more

    Week #3: 18 Ways To Get More Traffic

    Everyone wants more people coming in the door. But getting the RIGHT traffic is even more important. In week #3 I'll show you how to do that, plus.

    Loss Leaders: What they are and how to double your business by implementing (at least) one in your business
    How to choose the right lead magnet to multiply your leads through specificity
    Scent Trail: What it is, why it's so important and why it's crucial to increasing the number of leads you get
    The top 18 ways to increase your traffic (both online and offline)

    Week #4: Improving Your Conversions

    If you've been following me for awhile, you know I'm a self-proclaimed conversion freak. That's why week #4 is going to be so valuable. Here's what we'll be going over together.

    How to create (and test) the right offer
    Why understanding your marketing is crucially important to a successful business
    31 ways to increase PROOF in your marketing.
    The "perfect" autoresponder campaign
    11 ways segmentation and personalization can 2x your conversions
    The top 10 elements that get the best results

    Week #5: Increasing Your Margins

    A lot of business owners focus only on "making more sales". But the REAL power comes from focusing on take-home profits, not just inflating your gross revenues to inflate your ego. That's why in week #5, I'll show you.

    How to discover the perfect price & value positioning for your product or service
    16 ways to increase the perceived value of your product or service (AND increase your price without affecting sales)
    A shocking example of how increasing your prices positively affects your bottom line
    8 ways to decrease margin-eating costs with zero risk
    The TRUTH about price (and why it's not the main reason people buy your products or services)

    Week #6: Increasing Value Per Transaction

    In week #6 we'll discuss things like.

    How to perfect your traffic sources to find your hyper buyers who are more likely to spend more money with you over time
    5 great ways to get your customers and clients to HAPPILY spend more money with you
    How to increase your net, take-home profits by double digits with a SINGLE shift in your marketing strategy.

    Week #7: Q&A

    Week #7 is reserved for a Q&A call.

    Throughout the course I'll be asking you to submit any questions you have about what we've gone over up until that point.

    Remember we're doing a complete marketing overhaul on your business, so you WILL have questions.

    I'll be there to answer them for you and keep you on track so you get the most out of the course.

    Week #8: Increasing Lifetime Customer Value

    If there's one strategy you could learn that will change the way you do business forever, it's REALLY understanding the power of lifetime customer value. In week #8, what I consider to be probably the single most valuable week of the course, you'll discover.

    How to create an automated sales machine which both reduces the time you need to spend working in your business, and creates a perfect-selling-environment for increased profits. all on autopilot
    How to use the ascension ladder secret to easily add an extra 0 or two to whatever you're currently making in your business
    A 5-step system for developing and implementing a customer reactivation campaign. This is something very, very few people do. yet it takes very little time and can add huge dividends to your bottom line
    Why engaging customers and clients via multiple contact points is critical, and 8 ways to do so
    The almost-never used strategy you can use to sell your high-end products and services
    5 great reasons EVERY business should have a high-level coaching program. and 6 unique types of programs you can implement in your business quickly for dramatically increased profits and stability
    The one business model EVERY business needs to have. 6 reasons why it's so crucial to financial stability and growth. and 7 examples of how you can implement it in your business

    Week #9: Increasing Retention Rates

    Selling to existing customers is, on average, about 5-7x more profitable than trying to continually be searching for new clients. That's why in week #9 we'll go over.

    A specific example of the profitability potential increasing retention has on your profits, plus FIVE different ways to increase your retention, including..
    Why you should give your customers and clients surprise gifts, and 3 steps to doing this the right way
    The magic of credits, punch cards and customer loyalty programs. plus 5 specific examples you can model and put to use in your own business
    Why creating a sense of community can skyrocket your retention rates. plus 8 great ways to do so
    My sneaky but incredibly effective strategy for adding GOOD pain into peoples lives, plus 5 examples you can swipe (this is incredibly effective so please only use it for good purposes)
    Why adding "levels" to your business can boost your profits and increase customer loyalty

    Week #10: Increasing Referrals

    We ALL want more referrals. Referrals are the lifeblood of many doctor businesses such as chiropractors and dentists. but everyone, both online and offline, needs a strategic referral strategy in place. Plus, referrals spend more money with you. refer more people than an average person. come back to you more often. and negotiate less on price.
    That's why in week #10 I'll give you 24 unique. powerful referral strategies. many of which can be automated. that you can implement immediately to create a snowball effect so one customer becomes 2. which becomes 4. which becomes 8. and so on and so forth until you literally can't handle the business and have to refer them elsewhere.

    Week #11: Uncovering Hidden Profit Centers

    This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about because it's all "hidden" money that's just lying there waiting to be picked up, yet most people step right over it. It's also one of the most FUN ways to bring in new revenue streams for your business. In week 11, I'll go over.

    My unique "project no stone left unturned" strategy which you can use to maximize the revenue you make in every possible area of your business
    How to setup incredibly profitable strategic alliances to get injections of cash into your business. save money. and even get new customers and clients. all with little or no work and little or no advertising cost
    3 ways to leverage your KNOWLEDGE for automated cash flow which can either fund your own personal lifestyle. or be put back in your business for faster growth
    5 ways to leverage your EXPENSES such as office space, equipment, employees, ad space and advertising costs to both save money and generate new business
    4 unique ways to leverage your TIME so you maximize how much money you make per hour spent working

    Week #12 - Wrap Up FAQ

    In the final week, I'll do a "wrap up FAQ" in which I'll answer any questions you've thought of over the past 12 weeks.

    At this point, you'll have a to-do list that's a mile long, but each of those items on your list is designed to bring you more profit. more stability. and more financial freedom to both your business and personal finances.

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