Jet Boy (2001)

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    Rating: 7.0/10
    Runtime: 99
    Language: English
    Country: Canada
    Color: Color

    Director: Dave Schultz
    Branden Nadon ... Nathan
    Joe Norman Shaw ... Nathan's First Pick-up
    Matthew Currie Holmes ... Jordan
    Randy Birch ... Tattoo Artist
    David Lereaney ... Gym Teacher (as David LeReaney)
    Shawn Anderson ... Fighting Classmate
    Valerie Planche ... Mrs. Ross
    Krista Rae ... Ivory Girl
    Carrie Schiffler ... Nathan's Mom
    Dylan Walsh ... Boon Palmer
    Lynn Ivall ... Schuyler
    Stephen Strachan ... Ferris
    Blair Wood ... Punk
    Tania Sablatash ... Waitress
    Nancy MacDonald ... Boon's Aunt

    Description: Nathan (Branden Nadon) is a near-homeless stray living in Calgary, Alberta. He's picked on in class, deals in money and drugs with less than savory partners, and has a mother who does whatever drugs she can get. After she dies overdosing on Nathan's birthday (using some of his cake's candles in the process) he is brought in by the police to await the arrival of a social worker who will help find him a new place. Also in the station at the same time is Boon Palmer (Dylan Walsh long before Nip/Tuck). He watches as the officers chat with Nathan, before he runs at the sight of the social worker. The cops chase after him but he hits the streets and is gone before they can catch him. Boon is freed and hits the streets, starting his trip west to Vancouver. It's not long before the two manage to hook up in a small roadside diner.

    After Boon is given a number of some importance over the phone he writes it into the dust on the side of a car, only to have it erased when he's not looking. Nathan forces him to take him with him West, in exchange for the number. Along the way they begin to form a strange father-son kind of bond that has been absent or, in Nathan's case, simply wrong in their lives up to this point. Lacking knowing each other seems to be what helps them form that bond, as there are no preconceptions between the two. Stopping in Linden to visit his comatose father, bits of Boons past are revealed, such as Erin (Kelly Rowan, later of The O.C.) and her son. But all good things must come to an end, and their relationship quickly falls apart, the two of them going their seperate ways and arrive in Vancouver. Boon connects to the drug dealers he has been working with the entire time, and Nathan is forced to sell himself on the streets. When Boon spots Nathan getting picked up he abandons the drop and follows them, rescuing him from the pervert. It's revealed that Boon is actually an undercover agent who has been working the entire time to bring down the dealer, who managed to take down a pervert in the process, as well as finding a son.

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