Jeux d'enfants (2003)

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    Director: Yann Samuell.
    Writer: Jacky Cukier (writer) & Yann Samuell (writer).
    Release Date: 29 August 2003 (USA)
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.

    Primary Cast: Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard, Thibault Verhaeghe, Joséphine Lebas-Joly, Gérard Watkins, Emmanuelle Grönvold.

    Runtime: 90 min.
    Country: France | Belgium
    Language: French.
    Also Known As: Love Me If You Dare

    Release: Love.Me.If.You.Dare.DVDRip.XviD

    As adults, best friends Julien and Sophie continue the odd game they started as children — a fearless competition to outdo one another with daring and outrageous stunts. While they often act out to relieve one another’s pain, their game might be a way to avoid the fact that they are truly meant for one another.

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    hi, im so happy that you share this movie. i've been looking for this the movie has english subtitle?

    thanks :D
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