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    Jimmy D. Brown - Profits Vault 2015

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    Dear Friend,

    Anticipation. If there is one word that really describes the annual pinnacle moments of entertainment, sports, and business, it's anticipation.

    Which team will win the big game? Who will receive the top award? What will the new release be like?

    That's why the week leading up to the Super Bowl is at a fever pitch with hype over which team will get the coveted Lombardi Trophy as the year's best professional.
    It's why everyone is speculating and buzzing over who will get the nod for the supreme performance in movie leading up to its biggest stage in the Academy Awards.
    And it's why techies are glued to everything that happens in Cupertino, CA in the days preceding an announcement from the folks at Apple.

    When things of significance to us only happen once per year or so, we get really excited as we draw closer to the big day. Just try steering clear of the hot topic in conversations . just try. It's all every one seems to be talking about.


    Not just any 'ol event gets us worked up. It has to be something BIG. Something momumental. Something that dazzles.


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