Jimmy Reilly - The 3 Day WSO

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    Jimmy Reilly - The 3 Day WSO
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    Ever wanted to launch your own WSO? Or maybe you have no idea what a WSO is… Well let me say this, I made over $8,000 in 3 days by launching one. Sound interesting? Well have a look here: E. Brian Rose Reilly and I share something in common: neither of us follow the path of the masses when it comes to teaching Internet marketing and this new video series is no exception. I suggest that you grab some coffee, sit back, and watch every second of these videos. Reilly walks you through his process of setting up a sales campaign from research to the sales funnel. He doesn't skip a thing, even when things don't go as planned. You will find nuggets of information embedded into each of these videos, some of which just might be a game changer for you. Like me, Reilly is an "outside the box" thinker and teacher. If you are serious about marketing online and want to get a fresh look at real go-getter's plan of attack, then I recommend this video series. Here Are Just A Few Of The Secrets Caught On Camera: The Trick (Hack) I Use To Host Private Secure Videos FREE - Of Course Reilly Doesn't Pay For Video Bandwidth, Why Would He? And Yes, It Is Legal And White Hat! Writing The Sales Letter That Converted At 23% - Watch As I Write, Explain And Dissect The Sales Letter And Sales Video Before It Got Launched How I Came Up With The Product Idea - Find Out How I Came Up With And Built A Product In 3 Days That Sold 130 Copies In The First 2 Days. The Market Research - Find Out Where I Went To KNOW What Products Are Hot, What WILL Sell, And Why I Built The Product That I Did Managing WSO'S Post Launch - I Managed To Pull In Over $8,000 In That 5 Day Period From All My WSO's While Launching The New One. All The Services That I Use On EVERY WSO - I Name Names From My Graphic Artist To Market Research Tools To The Payment Processing And Delivery System. The Upsell Strategy I Used - I Managed To Squeeze Out An Extra $900 In Sales On Top Of The Launch's Sales With A Stupid Simple Upsell Page What Happens When Mike Lantz Picks Your WSO As "WSO of The Day" - One Of My Previous Offers Was Chosen While The Camera Was Running! See The Results As They Happened!


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