Johnny Stecchino (1991)

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    Rating: 7.0/10 2,759 votes
    Runtime: 102 min
    Language: Italian
    Country: Italy
    Color: Color

    Description: Dante (Roberto Benigni) is the ultimate loser. Nothing seems to work for him - especially in love. Suddenly, a beautiful and rich woman (Nicoletta Braschi) gives him some hope. However, the deal involves Dante going to Sicily where the woman's husband (Roberto Benigni) is an infamous gangster known as Johnny the Toothpick ("stecchino" in Italian). Johnny has denounced some of the local mafiosi to the police so their friends want him dead. So, why not get Dante killed instead.

    Video: 1024 kbps 640x360 4:3
    Audio: 96 kbps AC3

    Download links: 19 x 50 Mbytes RAR archives - 1% recovery record

    Rar Password: none
    English subtitles:

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