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    Joseph McClendon - Psychology of Activity
    3 CDs, 4 Videos, 1 Live Coaching, 1 PDF & 1 Workbook | 2.66 GB
    Genre: Self Improvement

    This package will help you create more confidence, pride, self esteem, certainty and courage.
    Best-selling author and Ultimate Performance Specialist. Joseph gives an unfair advantage to anyone choosing to lead the pack in their industry or chosen profession. Specializing in achievement psychology and physical health Joseph's "Further Faster" strategies focus on the mental and the physical aspects of rapid achievement.

    Item #1
    True You (3 CDs & Workbook)

    The "TRUE YOU" is a simple, step by step easy to do program that systematically creates more confidence, pride, self esteem, certainty and courage. It stimulates your mind to automatically respond with the words and feelings that inspire and coach you to be, do and have the best.

    Learn to create and sustain more:

    Loving self image
    And much, much, more...

    Train your thoughts to automatically look for what is great about you and the world around you. Past present and future. You'll smile more, you'll do more and you'll have more, for you and the ones that you love. You'll inspire others to be, do, and have more by your attitude and actions, your children, friends, and family deserve the best in you and themselves.

    Item #2
    The Psychology of Activity (4 Videos)

    Four special on-line videos designed to dig down deep and assess what exactly your specific challenge is in achievement. Whether it be procrastination, fear of failure, hesitation or any emotional blockage. You will have the opportunity to log in and inquire about it. Each session will take you to another step in your growth and progress. You will receive all downloads and PDFs of the process including a complete blueprint of the Psychology of Activity laying out each and every component and step.

    Item #3
    Psychology of Activity (Live Coaching)

    Live 90-min Psychology of Activity Coaching Call for "The True You Plus Group". During this call, Joseph will recap and coach you on your next step and how to go about implementing it.


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