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    Just Cause 2 PS3 READ NFO-DUPLEX


    D U P L E X

    P R E S E N T S :

    Just Cause 2 (c) Eidos

    Source : Euro Languages: Eng (Multi)
    Size : 7.5gb Genre : Action
    Platform : PS3 Date : Sept 4 2010


    We have done extensive testing on our releases. We ripped them atleast twice
    on 2 different Consoles and crc compared both rips. It occasionally happened,
    that crc's and number of files were different. We blame that partly on the early
    stage of Backup Manager, but also on the fat32 filesytem.
    So be sure your own private rips are working properly - especially if you
    plan to release them!

    Some games won't start if you have old gamedata on your console. So delete
    that if neccessary!

    Release Info:

    This dump was made using the PSGROOVE (PSJailbreak) method using Backup
    Manager 1.0 . We have tested quite a few old PS3 Scene Rips which mostly
    didnt work correctly (empty/corrupted or missing files etc..).

    To warm you up until you receive your jailbreak device we'll
    bring you a few PS3 exclusive and some major cross platform titles
    to get things going.

    Unrar contents to an external fat32 formatted usb drive into a
    folder called GAMEZ (in root dir), connect it to your PS3, use
    your usbkey to get it into service mode and play from the external drive.
    Make sure you have an original ps3 game in your drive (any game will do).


    Be aware that fat32 filesystem can't deal with files bigger than 4gb. So
    some Games can't be ripped to an external hdd - only to the internal ps3
    hdd. As soon as more tools are available, we might change the format (e.g.
    using some form of containers like .iso etc..) Time will tell :)




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