Keep Your Right Up & Soigne ta droite (1987)

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    Rating: 5.8/10
    Runtime: 81 min
    Language: French (eng sub)
    Country: France | Switzerland
    Color: Color

    Director: Jean-Luc Godard

    Jane Birkin ... La cigale (as Mademoiselle Birkin)
    Dominique Lavanant ... La femme de l'amiral (as Mademoiselle Lavanant)
    Pauline Lafont ... La golfeuse (as Mademoiselle Lafont)
    Eva Darlan ... La passagère (as Mademoiselle Darlan)
    Isabelle Sadoyan ... La grand-mère (as Mademoiselle Sadoyan)
    Carina Barone ... L'Américaine (as Mademoiselle Baronne)
    Catherine Houssay ... La première hôtesse (as Mademoiselle Houssay)
    Anny Seneque ... La seconde hôtesse (as Mademoiselle Seneque)
    Eloïse Beaune ... La maman (as Mademoiselle Beaune)
    Laurence Masliah ... L'amoureuse classique (as Mademoiselle Masliah)
    Agnès Sourdillion ... La campeuse (as Mademoiselle Sourdillon)
    Melissa Chartier ... La petite fille (as Mademoiselle Chartier)
    Valérie Morat ... La femme de chambre (as Mademoiselle Morat)
    Jacques Villeret ... L'individu (as Monsieur Villeret)
    François Périer ... L'homme (as Monsieur Périer)

    Description: "The adventures, and unusual encounters of several different people, including The Man, The Frenchman, and The Individual, in their search for a true place on earth. "

    Rar Password: none

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