Ken Wilber - Life Footnotes Volume 3: The Birth of AQAL

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    Ken Wilber - Life Footnotes Volume 3: The Birth of AQAL

    In 1995, following the tragic and untimely death of his wife Treya Killam Wilber, Ken Wilber published his first theoretical book in over 10 years-a massive 850-page tome titled Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution. This landmark book is considered by many to be his magnum opus, offering the fullest and most comprehensive expression of integral thought he had yet produced.

    Sex, Ecology, Spirituality marked a major new phase in Ken's thinking, and was the origin of his current integral model: a framework known as AQAL (shorthand for "all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, all types").

    In this third volume of the autobiographical Ken Wilber Life Footnotes Collection, Ken offers his own personal reflections on the writing of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality and its major theoretical contributions. He also discusses two other important books from this era: A Brief History of Everything, the ever-popular companion to SES, as well as The Eye of Spirit, where Ken explores the AQAL territory in even more detail.

    Chapter summary:

    Magnum Opus: Sex, Ecology, Spirituality
    The Four Quadrants
    Holons: Turtles All The Way Up, Turtles All The Way Down
    The Twenty Tenets of Integral Theory Part 1
    The Twenty Tenets of Integral Theory Part 2
    Individual and Social Holons
    The Five Elements of AQAL
    A Brief History of Everything
    The Eye of Spirit
    The Three Strands of Knowledge
    Do Cultures Evolve?
    Eye to Eye
    Integral Art and Literary Theory


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