Kidnapped Abroad (2008) [PDTV (DivX)]

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    Kidnapped Abroad (2008) [PDTV (DivX)]


    Kidnapped Abroad (2008) [PDTV (DivX)]
    Language: English
    AVI | XviD 1029kbps | 624 x 352 29.97ps | MP3 128kbps | 1.48 GB
    Genre: TV Show | Documentary / Educational
    Documentary series profiling true-life stories of abductions abroad. An emotionally powerful collection of stories narrated by the victims themselves with re-enactments which take you right into the heart of each ordeal.

    Episode 1 - Uganda

    In 1999, a group of 14 tourists and their guide were kidnapped by guerillas while on safari in Uganda. The brutal kidnappers were part of a Hutu death squad fleeing from the Rwandan civil war. The tourists found themselves fighting for survival as they were marched through impenetrable jungle to the Congolese border, where they attempted to negotiate their release.
    Duration: 45:10

    Episode 2 - Chechnya

    The story of Camilla Carr and Jonathan James, a pair of British aid workers working in Chechnya to set up a rehabilitation clinic for children traumatised by war. Taken hostage by guerrillas fighters, the couple endured a 14-month incarceration, and were subjected to intense emotional and physical torture..
    Duration: 44:59

    Episode 3 - India

    Tracing the stories of two men backpacking independently through India in 1994. British-Australian Rhys Partridge and American Bela Nuss were taken within weeks of each other by Islamic fundamentalists and were threatened with beheading during their ordeal.
    Duration: 45:11

    Episode 4 - Philippines

    The story of American missionary workers Martin and Gracia Burnham, who were abducted from a beach resort in the Philippines by Islamic militants.
    Duration: 45:31



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