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    Rating: 6.4/10 (225 votes)
    Runtime: 85 min
    Language: Finnish With English Subtitle
    Country: Finland
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:

    Director: Petri Kotwica
    Julius Lavonen ... Sami
    Tarja Heinula ... Marjo
    Janne Virtanen ... Taneli
    Labinot Bajgora ... Valon
    Hannu Hurme ... Rude
    Mirjami Iho ... Reetta
    Heini Kaasalainen ... Tiia
    Emilia Kokko ... Kristiina
    Meiju Lampinen ... Jonna
    Marjut Maristo ... Taru
    Abshir Sheik Nur ... Jamal
    Sirpa Riuttala ... Veera

    Description: Novice helmer Petri Kotwica's success in capturing the inner turmoil of an institutionalized teen is almost enough for viewers to forgive his overactive camera, though the deliberately unattractive, yellowed patina that colors "Homesick" pushes the feel of an unduly harsh world a bit too far. Despite flaws, this engrossing exploration, combined with a charismatic lead and a limited running time, make pic worth a look. An active fest life has been rewarded with occasional prizes.
    Tall and lanky, with long locks of hair he uses as a protective screen, Sami (Julius Lavonen) has been transported to the teen ward of a mental institution with a broken arm and major psychological trauma. Placed under suicide watch, he refuses to speak either to his nurse Taneli (Janne Virtanen) or his peers.
    When Sami's uptight mother Marjo (Tarja Heinula) comes to take him home, the shrinks refuse to discharge him. After two weeks, Marjo returns, but this time Sami himself asks to stay in the asylum. Flashbacks gradually clue the audience into the home life the disturbed teen is anxious to push away.
    When Sami's parents split, he was a normal high schooler. But Marjo's inability to accept her divorce led to rapidly debilitating insecurities that reduced her to a drunken haze of self-pity, forcing Sami to parent his increasingly unstable mother.
    Lavonen's physical transformation, punctuated by violent outbursts, is especially well handled, his body language in the early days at the asylum both self-protective and rock firm. As the mother from hell, Heinula is edgy and barely in control.
    Lensing is most likely to divide opinion, more yellow and white than color and wallowing in ugliness. Kotwica signals early flashbacks by tossing the camera around as if it's caught in an earthquake, and hand-held jiggles are used with more zeal than discretion. With its graffiti-like credits and loud music mix incorporating hip hop, metal and hard rock, he's obviously going for the youth audience, but the untamed feel works against the story's real power.

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    Nooooo! I'm desperate. Part 1 of the file does not work. Is there any possibility to download the file? I have long been waiting to see this movie.
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    Hello. I notice you have changed the download page, but Part 1 is not on the list. Do you still functions to download?

    Thanks again.
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggg. I'm desperate. I can not see this movie.
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    For the moderator.

    I do not understand why you get banned. I have not insulted, I asked for good things. My only mistake was to insist on a theme. I apologize if I did something wrong.

    Indeed. The links still do not work. Why do not eliminate this topic?
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    I am with you mate. don't waste people dl time. Bin this thread !
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    I do not want to bother. I like this site, but I see no logic that this thread still exists.

    Missing first file to download the movie. I think they should eliminate this issue, what is the meaning of existence in this topic if you can not download after the movie?

    Please. Answer. Is there any chance of finding the first file?

    Thanks in advance
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    please anyone, please upload this movie once again or at least the 1st rar file
    i dun understand why people tend to ignore other's request
  9. amitay87

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    please anyone, please upload this movie once again or at least the 1st rar file
    i dun understand why people tend to ignore other's request
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    I see this has not changed. It seems that nobody is going to put the first missing file.

    Why this topic still exists?

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