La Ley de Herodes (1999) Spanish

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    Rating: 8.1/10
    Runtime: 120 min
    Language: Spanish
    Country: Mexico
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Luis Estrada
    Damián Alcázar ... Juan Vargas
    Pedro Armendáriz Jr. ... López (as Pedro Armendáriz)
    Delia Casanova ... Rosa
    Juan Carlos Colombo ... Ramírez
    Alex Cox ... Gringo
    Miguel Ángel Fuentes ... Pancho
    Noemí García ... Secretaria
    Guillermo Gil ... Cura
    Ernesto Gómez Cruz ... Gobernador
    Leticia Huijara ... Gloria
    Luis de Icaza ... Alcalde Alfredo García
    Eugenia Leñero ... Esposa del nuevo alcalde
    Eduardo López Rojas ... Doctor
    Yari Lorenzo ... Esmeralda
    Pedro Lorza ... Cadáver

    Description: After the corrupt former Mayor is killed by the peasants, poor janitor Juan Vargas is appointed new Mayor of a desert town in central Mexico. Although he tries to bring the motto of the ruling party to town (modernity, peace and progress) he realizes soon that there's nothing to do against corruption... except to become corrupt. Step by step, helped by his pistol, Juan Vargas becomes the law and the worst Major in the town's history.

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    thanks for the movie...

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