La Parisienne & Une parisienne (1957) Brigitte Bardot

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    Rating: 6.0/10
    Runtime: 86
    Language: French (hardcoded English subtitles)
    Country: France
    Color: Colour

    Director: Michel Boisrond
    Charles Boyer ... Prince Charles
    Henri Vidal ... Michel Legrand
    Brigitte Bardot ... Brigitte Laurier
    Noël Roquevert ... Le docteur d'Herblay
    Madeleine LeBeau ... Monique Wilson (as Madeleine Lebeau)
    Fernand Sardou ... Fernand
    Claire Maurier ... Caroline
    Robert Pizani ... Mnouchkine
    Guy Tréjan ... Colonel
    Judith Magre ... Irma
    Harry-Max ... Ambassador / L'ambassadeur (as Harry Max)
    Marcel Charvey ... Bad guy / Un mauvais garçon
    Vera Talchi ... Titine
    Marcel Pérès ... General / Le général (as Marcel Pérés)
    Henri Cogan ... Brawler / Un bagarreur

    Description: In her memoirs Brigitte Bardot mentions she is proud of this movie. I can imagine so, because here she fully utilizes her talent for light comedy. 'Une Parisienne' certainly ranks among Bardot's best.

    What makes this movie, is its slapstick - from beginning to end. 'Parisienne's' story only serves to get these effects right. Your special attention for its ending, when Brigitte irresistably invites her viewers to keep her secret a secret.

    When you settle on your sofa in the weekend, weary and tired after a week's hard work, 'Une Parisienne' is the right movie to make you feel better.

    Frothy French comedy in which Bardot stars as Brigitte, the spoilt daughter of a French Ambassador who has tricked Michel, one of her father's top aides, into marrying her. Michel however soon grows tired of Brigitte's petulant ways and so begins to see his old girlfriends in a bid to teach her a lesson. Brigitte in response starts to flirt with none other than Prince Charles. Eventually, through all the fighting, Brigitte and Michel realise that they truly belong together.

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