La route de Corinthe (1967)

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    Rating: 5.4/10
    Runtime: 90
    Language: Dual Audio Track: French or Russian
    Country: Italy | France | Greece
    Color: Colour

    Description: This spy adventure drama is an early film in the career of French director Claude Chabrol. Legendary screen icon Jean Seberg (BREATHLESS) stars as the widow of a murdered undercover NATO security man who is killed in Greece over sneaky dealings at a US radar installation. She is implicated as a suspect and, as a result, must go to great lengths to clear her name. Through her many trials, all set against the exotic Greek backdrops, Seberg must deal with fake priests, a pornographically obsessed millionaire, various secret agents, and Chabrol himself in a slight role as an informer.

    Rar Password: None
    No subtitles

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