Lan yu (2001)

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    Lan Yu (2001) by Stanley Kwan
    AVI 608×352 | DivX 998 kbps | AC3 127 kbps | 1h26 | Audio Mandarin | English+French subtitles, SRT | 700 MB

    LAN YU is a beautifully filmed, impressionistic look at a human dilemma: not recognizing what you really want until it’s too late. Director Stanley Kwan has made an intelligent film that conveys genuine emotion without theatricality. There is much that rings true in this story for gay men, or anyone, of any age. Based on an incredibly popular ‘E-novel’ from an anonymous author, Jimmy Ngai’s screenplay strikes many true chords and, along with a well-realized mise-en-scene, creates a completely believeable world.

    Wealthy entrepreneur Handong runs a trading company in Beijing. His loyal lieutenant one night introduces him to Lan Yu, a penniless architecture student. Handong enjoys bedding the boy, but doesn’t think of an on-going relationship.

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