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    Sam, a very lanky man in an ill-fitting shirt returns home to Las Vegas, elated at the result of a business meeting in Sacramento, only to find his pregnant wife having sex with another man while wearing an extremely bad wig. Driven mad by the shock, Sam kills the unfortunate couple with his wife's lover's gun. I believe that he was supposed to be police officer, but he seems to have purchased his service revolver at Toys R Us. Sam then cuts off his wife's head and carts it around town with him while he slaughters people, starting with a random hooker and ending with a bevy of the Beautiful Ladies of Oil Wrestling.

    IMDB Rating: 2.3/10 (27 votes)

    Ari Levin ... Sam Butler
    Rebecca Gandara ... Wendy, Wet & Wild Wendy
    Barbara Bell ... Barbara, Pregnant Woman
    Susanne Ciddio ... Suzanne
    Tiffany Heisler ... Tiffany, Tuff Tiff


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