Laura Ingalls Wilder - Complete Audiobooks - Fixed Chapterized and Tagged

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    Laura Ingalls Wilder - Complete Audiobooks - Fixed Chapterized and Tagged
    Language: English
    Audiobooks Collection | 9 Audiobooks | All In One | MP3 96kbps | 2.12 GB
    Genre: Audiobook

    Having these stories read to me is one of my earliest and fondest memories -- and they are still great as an adult. Laura's life story is one of the quintessential stories of the American West. And so I have created this, the complete Laura Ingalls Wilder collection.

    I have processed all these unabridged books in the following ways:

    1. I ripped most of these audio books myself from CD. The final two books were found on Demonoid.

    2. Equalized volume. Several of these audio books had volume discontinuities. I have equalized volumes so there shouldn't be any sudden jumps.

    3. Dehissed and noise-cleaned. When needed, I performed low pass filters and deleted pops in the audio.

    4. FULLY CHAPTERIZED. This took a few days. Each audio book was compiled into a single file (deleting bits like "end of Disc 3, please insert Disc 4") and then separated into Parts and Chapters as defined by the original books. I find this to be the best way to enjoy audiobooks and it is perfect for iPods.

    5. Encoded all books to a uniform MP3 96kbps 44.1kHz.

    6. ID3 Tagged. All audio book files have been fully ID3 tagged including full COVER ART.

    I have decided NOT to include the majority of posthumously published material as most of it is comprised of letters and stories heavily added-to and edited by her daughter. I have, however, included the posthumous novel "1971 - The First Four Years" as it is a virtually unchanged manuscript left unfinished by the author and later published. And so this torrent represents a 100% complete collection of Wilder's works. All 9 books are delightfully read by actress Cherry Jones (a.k.a. the most recent President on '24').

    Please leave any comments, questions, or suggestions you might have as they are HIGHLY APPRECIATED! :)


    Included in this collection

    1932 - Little House in the Big Woods -- also ripped by me
    1933 - Farmer Boy -- also ripped by me
    1935 - Little House on the Prairie -- also ripped by me
    1937 - On the Banks of Plum Creek -- also ripped by me
    1939 - By the Shores of Silver Lake -- also ripped by me
    1940 - The Long Winter -- also ripped by me
    1941 - Little Town on the Prairie -- also ripped by me
    1943 - These Happy Golden Years
    1971 - The First Four Years

    the full Laura Ingalls Wilder eBooks.



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