NitroFlare Learn Simple Breathing Meditation Now.

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    Learn Simple Breathing Meditation Now
    English | 2015 | mp4 | H264 1280x720 | AAC 2 ch | 1 hr | 438 MB
    eLearning, Health & Fitness, Meditation | Skill level: All level

    Learn Simple Breathing Meditation to relax , heal and control your mind more effectively .
    ' Learn simple breathing meditation now ' is a fun filled course with lot of breathing exercises to help you take better charge of your mind and life. The different types of breathing exercises will help you release tension and stress, reduce headache and pain and give you a great feeling of relaxation . Do all the exercises for fun and you will notice that you are getting better and better .

    This course includes-
    - Introduction to the course
    - Different types of breathing
    - Sigh breathing exercise
    - Breathing exercise to release tension and tress
    - Breathing exercise to reduce headache
    - Deep abdomen breathing exercise
    - Learn breathing technique to heal yourself
    - Summary of the course

    What are the requirements?
    - PC with high speed internet
    - Headphones
    - Quiet room
    - Full concentration and focus
    - Notebook and pen

    What am I going to get from this course?
    - Over 8 lectures and 34 mins of content!
    - By the end of the course you will learn various techniques of breathing to release stress and tension, take better charge of your mind, reduce headache ,pain and - anxiety and feel refreshed and relaxed instantly
    - In this course you will learn many techniques of breathing like sigh breathing, deep abdomen breathing, nostril breathing etc which help you to be calm instantly and have better control over your mind and body

    What is the target audience?
    - This course is for everyone who deals with lot of stress and anxiety everyday , long working hours and people facing headache and body pains can take up this course anytime and reap its benefits . The exercises taught in this course are very simple yet powerful and can be done by anyone .




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