Let Me Die a Woman (1978)

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    Rating: 4.9/10
    Runtime: 79
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: color

    Director: Doris Wishman
    Dr. Leo Wollman
    Deborah Hartin
    Lisa Carmelle
    Frank Pizzo
    Carol Sands

    Description: Our narrator/guide through the world of transsexualism is Dr. Leo Wollman, a real-life Brooklyn physician, supposedly specialized in gynecology and hypnotism. He sits in a tackily decorated office, obviously reading his dumbed-down 'lecture' from cue cards as if addressing a class of fifth graders. His discussion of the psychological factors associated with gender dysphoria and the procedures used to surgically transform members of one sex into another are periodically illustrated with sequences both real and staged (mostly the latter), including a group therapy session, medical examinations, 'dramatic reenactments' and interviews. At one point the good doctor acquaints us with the various types of dildos used by post-op transsexuals to stretch out their new vaginas. Genuine footage of an actual male-to-female sex change operation will have most viewers, especially guys, cringing in abject horror — if not bolting from the room. The reenactments consist in the main of tepid, clumsy softcore sex scenes which were apparently shot up to five or six years before the finished film was released; future "porno chic" superstars Harry Reems and Vanessa Del Rio appear briefly in two of these, while others feature what would seem to be genuine transsexuals — both before and after surgery — and possibly even a hermaphrodite. In some of the other scenes, such as the one with Reems, biological women are passed off by Wishman as post-op trannies. Adding to this catalog of horrors are Wollman's medical examinations, in which real patients, stripped naked, are poked and prodded by the doctor as he comments on their physiques. There's a grungy, demeaning quality about these scenes that wouldn't be out of place in a Naziploitation flick, made all the worse because real people are involved, not actors. The only participant to emerge from this tripe with any shred of their dignity intact is "Leslie", the attractive Latino transsexual whose interview segments are spread throughout the film. These segments aren't scripted; she speaks candidly yet demurely about her experiences growing up "different" and her much happier life after undergoing gender-changing surgery.

    DVDrip, XVID, 700 MB, 608 x 352, Video 152 KBit/s, Audio 102 KBit/s

    Rar Password: none
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