NitroFlare LightWave 3D 2015.3 (Mac OS X)

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    LightWave 3D 2015.3 (Mac OS X) | 212 MB
    Newtek Lightwave unveils the new 2015 version adds features for artists, animators and designers to improve the creativity and workflow.

    LightWave 3D Group, a division of NewTek, Inc., opens the door to a new era of creativity for artists, animators and designers working in 3D, the launch of Lightwave 3D 2015 for Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Lightwave 2015 offers many new workflow enhancements and features that are designed to simplify a variety of pipelines that benefits the creation of games, architectural design, advertising and marketing in general.

    This version carries a testing time in the company Stargate Studios, working on titles like The Walking Dead, Greys Anatomy, and NCIS: Los Angeles, so its stability is guaranteed by NewTek.

    This version introduces new features that are ideal for character animation, visualization, dynamic simulation, and more. The functionality of popular features such as Genome Rigging system, Bullet Dynamics, dynamic parenting, improved performance, and more extends. Lightwave new hightlights for 2015 include:

    Bullet Constraints, which takes control of dynamic simulations with new types of constraints, such as (DOF) types of restrictions Point to Point, to better understand this point, we have to imagine a car sliding down on a plot with fully functional without resorting suspension to third party tools, the restrictions will apply in this version more credible any movement.

    It has also greatly improved the quality of scenes lit by GI and HDR or backlights, the importance of sampling intelligently concentrated rays, in important areas, eliminating noise and spots arising from different light intensities, now renders are more predictable.

    It requires 10.7.5 or later.

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