NitroFlare+RedBunker Limitless S01E19-E20-E21 1080p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

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    Season 01, Episode 19 - “Dog's Breakfast”
    Brian's double life unravels when Senator Morra makes contact just as Brian's placed under 24-hour surveillance by the FBI following his rogue trip to Russia. And the possibility of his connection to Morra being exposed seems even greater when Mike and Ike reveal to an already suspicious Rebecca that Brian had an off-book interaction with Morra's henchman Sands.
    Season 01, Episode 20 - “Hi, My Name Is Rebecca Harris...”
    Rebecca wants justice after learning the truth about her father's death, and is willing to break the rules and take NZT for the first time to get it. Meanwhile, Sands makes a dangerous move against Brian in order to ensure the success of his new initiative.
    Season 01, Episode 21 - “Finale: Part One!”
    The FBI's worst nightmare comes true when NZT floods the streets of New York City and threatens to become a national epidemic. As efforts are made to stop it from spreading, a joint manhunt is launched to find the lab producing the drug; at the same time, Brian struggles to adjust to his new reality when he lacks the resources to continue searching for Piper.

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