Lisbon Story (1994)

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    Rating: 6.9/10 (981 votes)
    Runtime: 100 min
    Language: English / Portuguese / German (English subs enclosed)
    Country: Germany / Portugal
    Color: Black and White / Color

    Description: The director Friedrich Monroe has trouble with finishing a silent b&w movie about Lisbon. He calls his friend, the sound engineer Phillip Winter, for help. As Winter arrives Lisbon weeks later, Monroe is disappeared but has left the unfinished film. Winter decides to stay, because he is fascinated of the city and the Portuguese singer Teresa, and he starts to record the sound of the film. At the same time Monroe cruises through the city with a camcorder and tries to catch unseen pictures. Later they meet and Winter convinces Monroe of finishing the film

    Rar Password: lovermanUK
  2. Thanks. This is excellent movie with great music by portugese group Madredeus.


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