Little Lili & La Petit Lili (2003)

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    Rating: 6,3/10
    Runtime: 99
    Language: France | Canada
    Country: French (Hardcoded English subs)
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:

    Nicole Garcia ... Mado Marceaux
    Bernard Giraudeau ... Brice
    Jean-Pierre Marielle ... Simon Marceaux
    Ludivine Sagnier ... Lili
    Robinson Stévenin ... Julien Marceaux
    Julie Depardieu ... Jeanne-Marie
    Yves Jacques ... Serge
    Anne Le Ny ... Léone
    Marc Betton ... Guy
    Michel Piccoli ... Actor Who Plays Simon
    Maylie Del Piero
    Mathieu Grondin ... Julien-Acteur
    Louise Boisvert ... Actress Who Plays Léone
    Mustapha Chadli
    Fani Kolarova

    Description: Anton Chekhov's The Seagull receives an updated adaptation in this drama from veteran French filmmaker Claude Miller. Mado (Nicole Garcia) is a successful actress who is spending the summer at her country estate with her boyfriend, Brice (Bernard Giraudeau), a noted filmmaker who directed her latest picture. Also staying with Mado is her son, Julien (Robinson Stévenin), a budding experimental filmmaker with a combustible personality who is infatuated with Lili (Ludivine Sagnier), a beautiful young woman whose family lives nearby. Lili is attentive but cool around Julien, who doesn't pay much heed to the attentions of Jeanne-Marie (Julie Depardieu), the daughter of Mado's caretaker (Marc Betton) who has long held a torch for him. When Julien screens his latest film for Mado and her guests, it leads to a bitter argument between the two as her criticism of her son's work devolves into a series of personal attacks on one another. As Julien threatens to sever ties with his mother, Lili courts the attentions of Brice, while Jeanne-Marie defends Julien's work with little reaction from him. La Petite Lili received its world premiere at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

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