Lolita (1997) DVD9 PAL MULTI

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  1. Pandion

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    Lolita (1997)


    Here is some screenshots from DVD Menu:

    IMDB    :
    AUDIO   : [X] English  [ ] French   [ ] Spanish   [ ] German                
              [ ] Swedish  [ ] Finnish  [ ] Hungarian [ ] Italian               
              [ ] Dutch    [ ] Russian  [ ] Japanese         
              [ ] 6.1 DTS  [X] 5.1 DD   [ ] 2.0 DD   
    VIDEO   : [X] Untouched      [X]PAL  [ ]NTSC                              
              [ ] Re-encoded                                     
              [ ] Passes  
    ASPECT  : [ ] 4x3                                                  
              [X] 16x9     
    EXTRAS  :                                            
              [X] All Included                                       
              [ ] Not On Source                                      
              [ ] Fully Stripted  
    MENU    : [X] Custom
              [ ] Untouched           
              [ ] Stripped           
              [ ] Partial Strip 
    SUBS    :  
              [X] English    [X] Dutch       [ ] Finnish                       
              [X] French     [ ] Swedish     [ ] Icelandic                     
              [X] Spanish    [ ] Norwegian   [ ] Russian                       
              [ ] Croatian   [ ] Romania     [X] Turkish              
    REGION  :  :) 
    COMMENT : My source DVD was a Region 1 NTSC DVD9 with only Spanish menu&subtitles and only "UNCUT" edition on the NET.. 
              There is not another available UNCUT DVD on p2p/torrent/newsservers.I decide to download this crap
              and author it. After the download i stripped the spanish crap out, converted to PAL, add some extra subtitles.
              Builded a new DVD with English menu. The movie still have the original chapter(s) selection. 
              I've used to original chapter timing to making second DVD chaptering, so i could keep the original screen/audio quality..
              Enjoy this home/handmade unique DVD!  -Pandion "yours DVD Master"
    Down.Links: (Use Jdownloader or Cryptoload for .dlc file(s))

    No password... Just enjoy :) Don't forget to thx..
  2. melomarrano

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    Dlc bad =(
  3. urmanon

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    why don't you make a regular .iso file of this flick, plz?
  4. youngrichard717

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    Feb 29, 2012
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  5. Pandion

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    This is a regular iso... :)
  6. Pandion

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    Dlc is good..
  7. hussau13tc

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    How about rapidshare or megaupload links please? I hate downloaders!:girl_cray2:
  8. Pandion

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    This is Rapidshare.. If you hate downloaders, this is not my problem..
  9. ryfaba789

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    dlc files can easily be downloaded with jDownloader. Great system!
  10. DiaboNoCorpo

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    Thank you very much!:heyo:
  11. normanl

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    Thanks for sharing.
  12. atswalla

    atswalla Guest

    Then... because it was in spanish it was a crap, didn't it?
    First of all, to refers in that manner about any language is considered racism. Are you racist?
    Secondly, you said us that this is the UNCUT version of Lolita. Well, may be the missing scenes that we can found even at YouTube were not present in this, YOUR ONLY and UNIQUE "UNCUT" edition available on the net. Really unfortunate.
    Also, you come to show off your home/handmade unique DVD "super-production", after the "improvements" you made.
    Well my friend, it seems that you need to take some courses of humility (and, by the way, of video production as well).
    Do you think that the kind of subtitling shown below is a "super-production"?


    I've taken only the screenshots of spanish and french (not the others, as I don't know the grammar of them), but... is this the kind of "art" that you offer as been better that the original... how did you said... ah! yes... spanish crap? And I can't forgive that YOUR BRILLIANT menu doesn't work at all to select the subtitles. You always get the turkish, no matter what language you select. You must use the language button on your remote control to achieve this task.
    Please, let's enjoy the original "crap" production, instead of this kind of... "home/handmade unique DVD!"
    By the way: why did you changed from NTSC to PAL. May be NTSC is also... a "crap" format...

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