Love on a Pillow (1962) Brigitte Bardot

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    Rating: 5.0/10
    Runtime: 99
    Language: French (English idx subs included)
    Country: France
    Color: Colour

    Director: Roger Vadim
    Brigitte Bardot... Geneviève Le Theil
    Robert Hossein... Renaud Sarti
    Jean-Marc Bory... Pierre Leroy
    Michel Serrault... Varange
    Jacqueline Porel... Mme. Le Theil, Geneviève's Mother
    Jean-Marc Tennberg... Coco
    Robert Dalban... Police Sergeant
    Ursula Kubler... Nurse
    Christian Melsen... Police Inspector
    Macha Méril... Raphaële (as Macha Meril)
    James Robertson Justice... Katov, Sculptor

    Description: A young woman named Genevieve Le Theil (Brigitte Bardot) while on a trip to Dijon to claim an inheritance accidentally opens the wrong hotel door and finds a man named Renaud Sarti (Robert Hossein) lying unconscious on a bed. He has attempted suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. Her intervention saves his life.

    One would think he would be grateful and perhaps fall in love with his beautiful benefactress. What happens is just the opposite. She falls into a kind of obsessive, almost masochistic, love with him, but all he feels for her is indifference. He spends her money, drinks to excess, abuses her verbally and emotionally. But she can't let him go regardless of what he does.

    If you haven't seen Bardot, you might want to watch this just to take a look at her. She is strikingly beautiful and amazingly sexy. She has pretty, almost perfect features and a soft and sweet way about her; but perhaps the most arresting thing about her is her figure. It is absolutely exquisite. She was a sensation in the fifties not only in France but in the US as the quintessence of the "sex kitten," in some ways even more so than, say, Marilyn Monroe or Tuesday Weld.

    Vadim creates an early sixties French atmosphere as he recalls the jazz/beat scene from that era, but he does so in a superficial, almost euphemistic way. In the elaborate scenes at Katov's apartment and then at his estate, we are given a hint of the decadent indulgence of a certain class of French society in which privilege, jazz, heroin, pot and easy sex are the rule.

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