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    Professional Results with PureVisionXP !!

    PureVisionXP provides you with a quick and easy way to create and manage forms while designing professional commercial applications.

    Not only can you manage entire projects, PureVisionXP allows you to export individual Forms from large projects and merge them with other projects. By reusing exisiting forms, this saves you both time and money.

    PureVisionXP comes complete with tools for giving your projects that "competitive edge".

    Add icons to MenuBars, create custom Skins for your Forms, design custom Pointers, manage Language Files for multilingual support and much more !!!

    Have even more power at your fingertips by accessing PVGadgets, a custom library designed specifically for those wanting more out of their application.

    PureVisionXP is the choice of professionals and is used to design and create thousands of dollars worth of commercial software on a daily basis.

    When you have PureVision, you have Pure Power !!


    * Easy To Use Interface
    * Design Complex Professional Forms Quickly
    * Graphically Enhance Forms with PureSkins
    * Group Gadgets for Fast Moving & Sizing
    * Copy & Paste Gadgets from Clipboard
    * Easily Adjustable Tabbing Order
    * "Hot Keys" for Quick Gadget Manipulation
    * Load/Save Full Work Projects
    * Edit Multiple Forms in a Single Project
    * Save Individual Forms to New Project
    * Merge Individual Forms or Complete Projects
    * Auto Include Images in Compiled EXE
    * Create Dynamically Resizing Forms
    * Export as "Easy To Use" PureBasic Source Code
    * Select Windows or Linux Compliant Code
    * Exports Full Project or Selected Forms Only
    * Exports Multi Language Support File
    * Free Online Language Translation Service for PureVision Language Files
    * Includes PureTrans - Multi Language File Manager
    * Includes PVGadgets - Custom Gadgets Library
    * Supports PureBasic v4.50 Gadgets
    * Supports PureBasic v4.50 Gadget Flags
    * Allows for Additional (non PB) Flags
    * Features Additional Windows API Gadgets
    * No Limit to Number of Forms in a Project
    * Number of Gadgets per Form is Unlimited
    * Work Form Looks & Responds as it was in Your Final Application (WYSIWYG Interface)

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    Photo Collage Creator is advanced digital scrapbooking and photo collage software that turns ordinary digital pictures and text into personalized works of art. The program combines three amazing functions: dozens of pre-designed fabulous collage templates, more than 50 photo frames, special mask effects, and flexible publishing formats. Photo Collage Creator includes everything one needs to turn regular digital photos and text into great-looking scrapbook pages suitable for printing, adding to a scrapbook, sharing with friends or hanging on the wall.
    Photo Collage Creator also introduces an entirely fun idea to assemble your precious photos into an artistic compilation, completely re-expressing your ideas. Using advanced features such as halo effect, perspective and atmosphere correction, you achieve dazzling results. With the innovative and fast digital collage software, the only limit to what you are able to create is your imagination!

    Home Page -
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    "Transform your real-world photo into an animated nature scene by adding a wide array of water, weather and sound effects to your own photos and images"

    Make photo live
    A photo restricts your excitement from holidays spent at the seaside or near a waterfall to flat, two-dimensional images. Nature Illusion Studio lets you go beyond these physical restrictions and make a self-made animated scene, which can bring the original spirit and excitement of the holiday back to life.

    Realistic natural effects
    All visual effects have been recreated with accurate physics, so ripples on the water or subtle movements of the air look and behave just like they might in the physical life.

    Share to others
    The best thing is that you can share your excitement with others. You can create a screensaver and present it as a gift to your beloved or friend, publish it on your website and let your guests or customers download it for free.

    An important benefit of Nature Illusion Studio is the option to share the exciting and happy moment in the more realistic manner as opposed to the traditional two dimensional photos

    Superb result
    The end result is a superbly lifelike and atmospheric presentation that can be saved as a screensaver, a standalone executable, an AVI or animated GIF file and distributed to other people, who can admire your creation.


    * Apply up to 6 types of water effects to a single image.
    * Add Animated Objects to image. Supports animated GIF. ** NEW **
    * Add snow or rain.
    * Add sound effects up to 8 channels.
    * A library of water presets for various effects, including Waterfall, Lake, River, Fire, Fog, etc.
    * Auto View mode provides you with instant feedback on your changes in real time.
    * Save your creation as a screensaver, executable file, GIF or AVI file.
    * Created nature scenes can be used in Water Illusion Screensaver, or Ace Pro Screensaver Creator
    * Works with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98, 95

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    Vistanita Duplicate Finder is duplicate file finder software to find and remove true duplicate , duplicate MP3 and picture / photo files.

    This software automatically search computer for duplicates and allows you to delete them, those saving you many hours from doing that manually, free up your storage space and increase computer performance.

    You may not realize that there could be thousands of duplicate files on your computer. These extra files may be duplicated when you make a copy/ backup of them, or by downloading the same file twice. The extra files clog your storage and slow down your computer.

    When there are only few duplicate files, it is possible to locate and delete them manually. However, when there are hundreds or even thousands of duplicate files, manually locating and deleting them is almost impossible. This is why you need Vistanita Duplicate Finder.

    What kind of duplicates can be found with Vistanita Duplicate Finder?

    True Duplicates

    True duplicate files are the files with exact content regardless its file name and date. Vistanita Duplicate Finder uses byte-to-byte comparison to find true duplicates, so the duplicates have 100% the same content.

    Duplicate Picture / Photo
    Photos taken from digital camera or downloaded from internet often visually duplicates but have different size, quality, watermarked,etc. Those duplicates can't be found with byte-to-byte comparison because they don't have the exact content. Vistanita Duplicate Finder find them by comparing their visual similarity.

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    AnvSoft Photo Flash Maker Professional v5.25 En/Ru | 20 MB


    With Photo Flash Maker, you can create gorgeous photo flash slideshows in SWF format for watching on computer, burn the auto-run flash photo album to gift CD/DVD, build a web gallery with amazing flash slideshows with dynamic SWF HTML XML files, or upload the slideshows to our free web album Go2Album, and then embed the slideshows to MySpace, Blogger, Friendster and many other social websites.

    What can you add to flash slide shows:
    * Images: JPG, TIFF, BMP and PNG images
    * Music: MP3, WMA , WAV songs, and sound tracks
    * Can't add DRM protected music to flash slideshows? You may want to try NoteBurner Audio Converter.

    What can you get from Photo Flash Maker:
    * Gift CD/DVD
    * Standalone photo flash with SWF file and HTML document
    * Dynamic photo flash with SWF file, HTML and XML documents

    How can you publish and share your photo flash:
    * Present the gift CD/DVD to friends
    * Email the standalone SWF to friends
    * Upload your flash to our free web album Go2Album for sharing
    * Embed the flash slide shows to web pages

    The flash slide shows created by Photo Flash Maker can be embedded to:
    * Personal websites and organizational websites
    * eBay product description page
    * MySpace, Blogger, Windows Live Space, WordPress Blog, iGoogle Homepage, Bebo Profile, Orkut Scrapbook, and any other social networking websites blogs that support HTML

    Making flash slideshows with Photo Flash Maker:

    1. Add music
    MP3, WMA, WAV songs or CD sound track can be added to the slideshow. You can enable audio streaming if the flash is designed for website.

    2. Add hyperlinks
    Each photo in the slideshow can link to a target page or pop-out window.

    3. Transitions, zooming and panning effect
    You can choose from Random, Wipe from Left, Fade to White, Cross Expansion and other 60-plus transition effects. Zooming and panning effect is optional for advanced flash templates.

    4. XML-driven
    The advanced flash templates are XML-driven. The XML document allows more personalized controls over the flash.

    Nonetheless, Photo Flash Maker creates XML-driven flash in a very straightforward way, even if you've never know what XML is, you can still use the advanced templates easily. And if you need to edit the XML document, we provide full instructions for doing so.

    5. Dynamic customization
    Besides XML control, the advanced templates provide many more custom options, so that you can create slideshow that fits into your existing web design: width , height, border color, background color, thumbnail size, etc. More about dynamic customization

    6. Auto-playback and repeat mode
    The flash slideshow will play automatically after preloading, and it can repeat playback.

    7. Full screen mode
    The advanced flash templates support full screen mode. Clicking the full screen icon at the corner of the slideshow can jump in and out of full screen mode.

    8. Publish slideshow just about anywhere
    When the flash sldieshow is created, you can save it on computer, burn gift CD/DVD, email it, upload to your web site, or upload to our free web album, and then add to MySpace, Blogger and many other social websites and blogs.

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    Cheetah DVD Maker v1.23 | 11.5 Mb


    Burn Video DVDs from JPG, BMP, FLV, AVI, DivX, WMV, and MP4 files. The Cheetah DVD Maker can burn NTSC or PAL compatible DVDs to DVD-R and DVD R discs.

    It has options to create different menu types or a DVD with no menu just chapters. The Cheetah DVD Maker can also make DVD Slide Shows with pictures, video and audio. It is a fast and easy to use program for creating home DVDs.


    Make a Video DVD from JPG, BMP, WMV, AVI, DivX , FLV, and MP4 videos
    Make a Slide Show DVD from JPG, BMP, WMV, AVI, DivX , FLV, and MP4 videos
    Video DVD – UDF/ISO9660- Bridged file systems – Version 1.02
    Burn NTSC and PAL Video DVDs
    Burn your Video to DVD-R or DVD R discs
    Burn a Video DVD with or without a Menu
    Burn a DVD with a scene selection menu to different chapters
    Add Background images to your DVD menu from JPG, BMP, or videos

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    CoolwareMax Face Off Max v3.1.2.8 | 5.79 Mb


    Face Off Max allows you to create a fun image by pasting your face on any other body using any photo or template. Havent you ever wondered how you would look if you had another body? Wouldnt it be great to see your face in a celebrity group or on a magazine cover? Now Face Off Max enables you to embarrass your coworkers, make yourself look cool and make your friends look like dweebs all with a few clicks of the mouse.

    Our amazingly simple and easy interface, step-by-step instruction and hundreds of fantastic templates allow anyone to be a professional artist. Share your creations with your friends. It’s perfect with facebook, MySpace, email, blogs, spaces, ecards, fakes, jokes and many more!

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    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum v5.13.3 | 8.89 Mb


    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can rip the content of DVDs to all popular video formats such as AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, etc. What's more, it also owns the ability of ripping different DVDs (including encrypted DVDs) to Sony PSP, Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTouch, Apple TV, Zune, Mobile phone, etc.

    This DVD ripper software supports multi-core CPU and is fully compatible with Windows 7. We promise WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the fastest DVD ripping solution in the market. Besides converting DVD to regular video formats, 1:1 DVD copy enables you to backup your DVD with original video, audio and subtitles within only 5 minutes (the processing time also depends on your CPU and DVD driver speed).

    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum fully supports normal DVDs, CSS protected DVDs, Sony ArccOS DVDs and all region 1-6 DVDs. Moreover, we are so proud to tell you that WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the unique DVD ripping program which supports decrypting DVDs with the latest copy protection technology such as Transformers 2, Star Trek 2009, The Dark Knight, UP, WALL-E, The Proposal, District 9 etc.

    Powerful Functions
    Support ripping DVD video, extracting audio, grabbing screenshot and enable users to fully control output video quality or size by freely adjusting parameters.

    Advanced Technology
    Build in powerful and high speed encoding engine, support multi-core CPU, automatically detect and connect converted videos to portable devices and fully compatible with Windows 7.

    Easy and Fast
    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a one-click solution for DVD ripping. It is suitable for all levels of experienced users or even novices. And we promise it owns the fastest ripping speed.

    Key Features

    Unique features:
    1. 1:1 DVD Copy without Quality Loss: Decrypt & copy DVD to PC with 100% original video, audio and subtitles within only 5 minutes - new!
    2. If your original DVD's audio is out of sync with movie, the Intelligent A/V Synchronizer can help you solve the problem - new!
    3. To avoid any kind of problems during conversion process, we offer you safe mode which can skip the problems and finish the whole conversion process more smoothly - new!
    4. Enable to change interlaced scanning DVD movie to progressive scanning, make converted video with clearer image - new!
    5. Multi-core CPU supported, which makes your conversion process much faster - new!
    6. Batch rename all clips easily with "Renaming Template" before converting - new!

    Ripping features:
    1. Rip DVD to popular video formats, e.g. DVD to MOV, DVD to AVI, DVD to FLV, DVD to WMV, DVD to MPEG, DVD to MP4, etc
    2. Rip DVD to popular portable devices including DVD to iPhone, DVD to iPod, DVD to iPad, DVD to PSP, DVD to Zune, DVD to Mobile phone, etc
    3. Rip DVD audio into MP3 music file
    4. Support grabbing screenshot from DVD video to JPG & BMP

    Extra features:
    1. All video/audio parameters are adjustable for users to optimize video quality
    2. Automatically disable subtitles but enable users to choose
    3. Trim any segment of DVD to convert
    4. With powerful and high speed encoding engine inside, Platinum Edition enables users to rip and convert DVD video with much better video/audio quality
    5. Support automatically detecting, connecting and transferring converted videos to portable devices.

    Home Page -
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    Folder Protect - A New Concept in File Security


    Folder Protect offers 'Data in Use' security for your important files, folders, drive and programs. It lets you choose whether you want to write protect, delete protect, access protect or hide your data. The program also offers Safe Mode locking, stealth mode and hotkeys, auto-protection and password prompt on access of protected item. Folder Protect offers features that sets it apart from other password protection software.

    Features and Benefits:

    * Data in Use Protection: Folder Protect offers a new concept of ‘Data in Use’ protection. It does not only password protect your data but also let you choose security levels for your data, so that you can choose making your files inaccessible, invisible, delete-proof or write-protected.
    * Access Protected Items: Customize type of security to make your files and folders accessible but delete-proof and write-protected. You can also access hidden files by giving exact path of those files in RUN, Windows Explorer or by using DOS mode.
    * Hide Files and Folders: Folder Protect hides your data in such a way that it cannot be viewed, searched for or deleted without knowing the correct path or your password. Hidden data will remain invisible even if you restart your PC or select ‘Show Hidden Files’.
    * Maximum Protection: Folder Protect uses Windows Kernel level protection that works even in Safe mode ensuring maximum protection of your data.
    * Make your Data Loss-proof: Never worry about data loss, data theft or privacy breach. Protect your data with Folder Protect.
    * Make your Data Write-protected: Folder Protect lets you prevent redundant modification of your data by other users. Your data remain write-protected with Folder Protect!
    * Stealth Mode Feature: This feature helps you maintain your secrecy by hiding all the short cuts of the program from Desktop, Quick Launch, Start Menu, Add/Remove programs item and context menu in Explorer. Run the program with a hotkey of your choice.
    * Auto-Protection: Activate Auto-protection and set an idle time to get your files automatically protected after that time period.
    * Compatibility: Folder Protect works on Windows XP 32-bit, XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 2000 and is compatible on all file systems like FAT, FAT32 and NTFS.

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    Anfibia Deskman Pro 9.3.1 | 7.81 Mb


    Deskman is an advanced desktop security tool for administrators and power users.

    The New Deskman includes new profiles for fast deployment, Windows Vista support, new restrictions, new options and much more!!

    Advanced Security
    Full control over keys, mouse, critical system settings, Taskbar, Control Panel...

    Secure, Lock Desktops
    Deskman allows you to lock down PCs and restrict access the way you want.

    Simple Yet Powerful
    One button configuration. Windows tool and web application, all in one.

    Computer Usage Restrictions

    * Desktop restrictions
    * Start Menu restrictions, configuration
    * Internet Explorer restrictions
    * Control Panel restriction
    * Taskbar restrictions
    * Windows Explorer restrictions

    Advanced Desktop Security

    * Drive access protection
    * Disable USB drives
    * Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
    * Disable Alt-F4
    * Disable all Winkeys
    * Disable Task Manager hotkey
    * Disable any key combination
    * Disable any mouse button
    * Disable cut, copy, paste
    * Kiosk Mode

    Freeze! Running Applications

    * Capture running programs and make sure no other applications are used
    * Notification of restricted programs.

    Safe Start Menu

    * Build a safe Start Menu
    * Hide the original Start Menu

    Autorun Options

    * Add new entries
    * Block new entries
    * Enforce programs: make sure a critical program will be always running.

    Desktop Lockdown

    * One-button desktop protection
    * Lock automatically when user is idle

    Security Profiles

    * Defaulft profile: No Restrictions
    * Defaulft profile: Basic Protection
    * Defaulft profile: Limited Access
    * Defaulft profile: Advanced Protection
    * Defaulft profile: Internet Explorer Protection
    * Defaulft profile: Kiosk Mode
    * Add your own profiles

    Advanced Setup

    * Web interface
    * User exceptions
    * Autologon
    * Silent installation available
    * User profiles for fast deployment
    * Import, export data file for fast deployment, backup
    * Tight hotkey and password security system

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    WINner Tweak Software Smarty Uninstaller 2009 Pro v2.6.0 | 5.14 Mb


    Powerful Professional Uninstall Manager with intuitive and easy to use interface! Manage and completely remove Windows applications. At most cases Windows applications are very complicated. They put large number of traces to your system. Especially that refers to such things as entries in Windows Registry, Program Files and Shortcuts. In general the problem lies in Uninstaller (simply, an uninstaller is the opposite of an installer.

    During the uninstallation, the uninstaller removes all the components which were installed) that cant properly remove all traces in Windows. Also some users simply doesnt use uninstaller! They just delete the application program files from hard drive. Other traces still stays untouched! Large amount of junk traces will make your PC much slower. Smarty Uninstaller can help you to avoid all these problems and many more.


    Smarty Uninstall – COMPLETELY removes applications from your PC (all files, shortcuts and registry entries)
    Smarty Analyzer will deeply scan your computer for traces left by selected application.
    Smarty Protection feature – this feature will protect critical system components.
    Smarty Drag-Drop – uninstall applications using drag-drop and context menu!
    Smarty Secure Delete
    Smarty Startup and many more …

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    Efficient Diary Pro 1.93 Build 90 ML | 4.34 Mb


    Efficient Diary is an elegant, easy-to-use and powerful electronic diary software package. With its unique and powerful flash full-text search technique, you can simply enter a word in the diary to quickly find the corresponding entries! The product has a strong edit function similar to that of Microsoft Word. You can insert various items such as tables, pictures, emotions, URLs or even attachments. You can set the background color, background picture of each diary entry separately so your diary can be rich and colorful.

    The login password is encrypted by the irreversible algorithm of SHA; besides, the content of the file itself is encrypted so that your private information is fully protected.

    Except for managing diary entries by date, you can also manage it by hierarchical grouping. There is a Recycle Bin in the software so you do not need to worry that you may delete a diary entry by mistake. It also provides various unique features such as you can specify a weather icon and an emotion icon for each diary entry, can specify importance for diary entries, and can copy and paste diary entries, etc.

    Time marches on, while with Efficient Diary, we can record our perceptions and experiences along the way. Spend some time with Efficient Diary each day - looking into today's feelings, recalling the memories of the past, and expecting the happiness in the future. A happy life can't be without Efficient Diary!

    Why Choose Efficient Diary?

    Multiple Interface Styles
    8 interface styles are provided to meet your individual needs! They have various tones of color like blue, green or metallic, and have Vista standard and XP standard windows appearances separately.

    Easy to Search
    Efficient Diary has powerful search capabilities so you can quickly find your information.

    Powerful Document Editor
    Efficient Diary has embedded a powerful document editor similar to MS-Word, which can be used to write your diary. You can insert pictures, emotions, tables and etc. to make your diary more colorful and vivid.

    Information Safety Safeguards
    There is a Recycle Bin in this software, you do not need to be worried that you may delete some important information by mistake. The functions of Backup and Restore can help you conveniently save and migrate data

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    Yamicsoft WinXP Manager 7.0 | 5.65 Mb


    The complete solution to optimize, tweak, clean up Windows XP. WinXP Manager is a tool for setting, optimizing, diagnosing and tweaking Windows XP. It bundles more than 30 different utilities in one and help your system faster and more stable, secure and personal! WinXP Manager helps you optimize, tweak, and clean up Windows XP. It will increase your system speed, improve system security, and meet all of your expectations.You can tweak memory and CPU settings, customize IE settings, find and remove junk files, check and repair your registry, control startup programs, optimize your connection speed, validate your Favorites and much more. It also includes an Auto-Optimization option, that allows less experienced users to easily optimize certain settings, using a wizard. The interface is easy to use and all available options are categorized into sections. Includes basic documentation and an annoying nag screen that pops up every few minutes. It's compatible with Windows XP SP3 entirely!

    Features and Benefits of WinXP Manager:
    Information - Get detailed system and all hardware information on your system; helps you to find out the missing Registration codes of Microsoft product; show all detailed information of running processes and threads on your machine; WinXP Manager offers optimization Wizard feature for the user without having any advanced knowledge.

    Optimizer - Tweak your system to improve windows startup and shutdown speed; monitor and free your Physical Memory; tweak your hardware to increase system speed and performance; disable some unnecessary services which start with windows; repairs Internet Explorer and certain other System Components to restore these functions.

    Cleaner - Find out which files or folders engross your disk space and shown with chart; Find and clean junk, unnecessary wallpaper and screen saver files to increase Hard Disk space; Duplicate Files Finder can scan your computer for files with the same size, name and modification time; Registry Cleaner can easily checks your registry and repair incorrectly linked registry entries, automatically remove invalid entries; Registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexs your registry to reduce application response time and registry access time; smart uninstaller can uninstall and logoff installed programs neatly.

    Customization - Control what is started on Windows startup; edit context menus of mouse Right-Clicking; customize system desktop, menus, toolbar and notifications settings, change Windows logon background; change system icons; custom OEM information; automatically change your desktop wallpaper on background.

    Security - You can improve desktop, menus, control panel, windows logon securities, and enable numerous hidden performance options of system, disable system updates and error reports; hide and restrict to access drives, specify which applications are not allowed to be executed on your computer; encrypt/decrypt and shred files, camouflage folder to hide its content from Windows explorer, change the location of system folders; Privacy Protector can maintain your personal privacy by eliminating the tracks that you leave behind; create lots of randomization password once.

    Network - Optimize your Internet connection speed, manage all shares items, search for and find out opened ports on your system; Tweak your Internet Explorer easily; backup all data in Outlook Express; automatically check the invalid URLs in your favorites and parse domain name; Message Sender can easily send messages to others.

    Misc. Utilities - Show the collection of Windows utilities; control your computer when you're not at home; apply XP visual style to any Windows applications; appoint logging on time of any account users.

    Home Page -
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    DVB Dream 1.5c datecode 280510 Multilingual | 8.36 Mb


    DVB Dream is DVB player with many nice and unique features (more below), it supports standards DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T (more below).


    - Multi PIP (19 1)
    - Multi recording (MPG, TS)
    - Timeshift
    - LAN Streaming
    - Unique channel list system
    - Favorite channels
    - Quick Favorites
    - Child lock
    - Embedded aspect ratio modes
    - Cropping / Zoom
    - Sleep timer
    - Record timer
    - HDTV and H264 support (some codecs only)
    - Auto-zap
    - EPG
    - OSD
    - Scheduler
    - Teletext (plugin)
    - Render-less mode
    - Internal graph building
    - Multi monitor support
    - Command line support
    - Network Scan
    - Raw Diseqc commands support
    - Plugins support
    - Preffered languages
    - Uncommitted switches support
    - Positioner support (including GotoX.X / USALS, more below)
    - Snapshot feature (more below)
    - Keyboard shortcuts
    - Custom keyboard shortcuts (only workaround for now, more below)
    - Global keyboard shortcuts (only workaround for now, more below)
    - Remote control support (more below)
    - Themes
    - Upgrade reminder
    - 22 languages support

    Supported Devices:

    * BDA Devices (FireDTV, Terratec Cinergy, TBS Q-Box, Compro VideoMate S350, KNC1, Twinhan and many others...)
    * B2C2 (Skystar2, Airstar, Cablestar)
    * Twinhan (All BT 878 PCI models should work *)
    * Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite
    * Genpix 8PSK to USB device
    * Broadlogic (BL2030)
    * DVBWorld (Nextorm/SatStar2/Acorp TV878DS USB/PCI)
    * Tongshi DVB-S
    * Coship/SmartVision CdvbAny2030s

    Modules that you can use

    * DVBEPG (Grid based EPG module)

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    AV Music Morpher Gold v5.0.35 | 13.2 MB


    The Morpher module and Advanced module are newly combined, and a new compact player mode are only some of the great improvements in this version 5.0 for the convenience of the users. The program is promising to turn any humble PC into a fully-fledged recording studio, giving users the power to make their own pop songs, funky hip hop, or DJ remixes. When a user has finished his masterpiece, therea s a ready-to-use CD burner for him to burn his favorite songs to CD and share them with his friends.

    * Brand new virtual Easy DJ newly created and integrated in the package for DJ fans to do DJ tasks without effort
    * All-in-one Converter module newly created for converting multi-format audio files more quickly and conveniently
    * Compact Mode supported for simple playback anytime you need it
    * New Morpher module developed by combining the former premium Morpher and Advanced modules to bring users more convenience
    * Remover and Extractor for removing or extracting the vocals or music from stereo songs (results depending on recording quality and embedded effects)
    * Powerful Wave Editor for chopping, combining and tidying up any audio file
    * Multi-channel Music Mixer for mixing music and vocals together to make funky, unique hit songs (working with whole songs or edited clips)
    * Effects Mixer and Editor for adding and combining studio-quality audio effects for optimal quality and amazing new sounds

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    Joboshare BlackBerry Video Converter v2.7.5.0616 | 5.26 MB


    Joboshare BlackBerry Video Converter, powerful BlackBerry Video converter, can fast convert all popular video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP, etc. to BlackBerry AVI, 3GP, MP4, WMV video formats. It can convert audio formats like WAV, WMV, MP2, AC3, RA, M4A, OGG, AAC, etc. to BlackBerry MP3, AAC, WMA audio formats with excellent video and audio quality.

    Joboshare BlackBerry Video Converter provides various powerful editing options such as movie trimming, video effect settings, video and audio encoder settings, batch conversion and so on.
    Download Joboshare BlackBerry Video Converter for free now and enjoy your favorite movie clips on BlackBerry with just a few clicks!

    Key Features:
    1.Support all the BlackBerry series including BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, BlackBerry 8300 Curve, BlackBerry 8800, 8820, 8830, BlackBerry 9000 Bold, and even the latest BlackBerry 9500 Storm, BlackBerry 9530 Storm;
    2.Convert almost all popular video formats like AVI, DivX, XviD, WMV, MPEG, MPG, DAT, RM, MOV, ASF, VOB, etc. to BlackBerry AVI, 3GP, MP4, WMV video formats;
    3.Act as AVI to BlackBerry converter, MOV to BlackBerry converter, WMV to BlackBerry converter, VOB to BlackBerry converter, etc.;
    4.Extract and convert audio from video files to BlackBerry MP3, AAC, WMA audio formats with excellent quality;
    5.Trim your video files to capture your favorite movie clips;
    6. With the support of Dual-core or Multi-core processor, Joboshare BlackBerry Video Converter can convert videos to BlackBerry video and audio formats with super fast speed;
    7. A very user-friendly interface that lets you convert videos to BlackBerry without any learning curve;
    8.Provide two favorite skins for choosing;
    9.Fully support Windows 7;

    Home Page -
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    Blu-ray to HDD 1.30 Build 427 Retail | 3.43 MB


    Blu-ray to HDD is powerful Blu-ray ripping software with the ability to convert Blu-ray movies to mkv or ts files. Now you can enjoy any Blu-ray movie on PC with software player (like KMplayer, Mplayer and PowerDVD), or on TV with a HDD player (MVIX, TVIX). The built-in engine will ensure a perfect conversion of almost any popular Blu-ray movie. Its fast converting speed and user-friendly interface will make the converting process easy and fun.

    Converts Blu-ray to mkv. file
    Converts Blu-ray to ts. file
    Supports the conversion of latest Blu-ray movies
    Removes copy protections like AACS, BD with a third-party Blu-Ray/HD DVD Copy Helper
    Rips with high definition and highest rate.
    Removes region code
    Opens Blu-ray files from hard disk drive
    Movie-only copy
    Chapter(s) converting
    Selects your desired audio track
    Selects your desired subtitle ( for .ts files only)
    Playback of the converted movie with your HD Hard Disk Player
    Playback of the converted movie on PC with PowerDVD or other Blu-ray software player
    Shut down system when the conversion is complete
    Fast converting speed
    Free technical support

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  18. loxz

    loxz Guest

    DVDStyler 1.8.1 ( Portable) | 15.81 Mb


    DVDStyler is a cross-platform DVD authoring application that makes possible for video enthusiasts to create professional-looking DVDs. Ñreation and burning DVD video with interactive menus. Support of AVI, MPEG and other file formats. Support of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MP2, MP3, AC-3 and other audio and video formats. Using MPEG and VOB files without reencoding, see FAQ. Allows put files with different audio/video format on one DVD (Support of titleset). Uuser-friendly interface with Support of drag & drop. Flexible menu creation on the basis of scalable vector graphic.

    Import of image file for background. Placing of buttons, text, images and other graphic objects anywhere on the menu screen. Changing the font/color and other parameters of buttons and graphic object. Scaling of buttons and graphic objects. Coping of any menu object or whole menu.

    The main DVDStyler features are:
    • you can drag and drop MPEG files directly
    • you can create NTSC/PAL menus
    • you can import image file for background
    • you can place text and images anywhere on the menu screen
    • you can change font/color
    • you can put buttons, change font and colors
    • you can copy and paste any menu object
    • you can set chapters for each movie
    • you can change post command for each movie

    Version 1.8.1
    * added possibility to change subtitle options
    * added support of VCD and half D1 resolutions
    * added validation of custom actions
    * some other small changes

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  19. loxz

    loxz Guest

    VisualRoute 2010 14.0c-ECLiPSE | 4.29 Mb


    VisualRoute helps determine if a connectivity problem is due to an ISP, the Internet, or the destination web site, and pinpoints the network where a problem occurs.

    VisualRoute get an instant analysis of your Internet/Intranet connection performance
    - Locate the source of poor network response time (or latency), poor connection quality caused by packet loss, and identify the ISP responsible
    - Determine if slow performance is due to your ISP or a problem on the Internet
    - Easily report connectivity or Internet abuse problems to the network provider
    - Identify the geographical location of web servers and IP addresses

    Home Page -
    VisualRoutes Features and Benefits:

    Graphical View of Traceroute, Ping, Reverse DNS Connectivity Analysis
    Results from several essential network diagnostic tools are integrated into an overall connectivity report, providing a graphical view of connection performance report including packet loss and latency for each network hop. Drill-down detail is easily visible with a mouse over any network hop.

    IP Location Reporting
    The physical geographical locations of network servers and routers is key information for understanding routing problems, viewing the actual route path on global map provides an instant of picture of routing efficiency and distances. Try an IP trace online.

    Whois Lookups, Network Provider Reporting
    Get instant lookups of domain information from worldwide databases, so you can see the registered 'owner' of an IP address or domain. See the contact information for the company providing Internet access for each hop of a network route, so you can easily report network problems.

    OmniPath™ Multiple Path Discovery
    Get real-time views of all possible routes to a destination and easily compare the performance of different routes. The common use of load-balancers creates multiple paths that data packets may travel between the source and destination. OmniPath discovers the various paths, enables you to easily see which routes are the fastest/slowest, have the highest/lowest packet loss, or have the highest probability.

    NetVu™ Multiple Route Topology Graph
    See a high-level view of all network routes for open trace reports, enabling easily identification of network nodes that are common to multiple routes, and network routes that have multiple path options due to load balancers or router configurations.

    NetVu enables you to consistently monitor all possible paths between the source and destination for mutiple routes in a single diagram, view the common nodes, and locate single points of failure. The diagram updates wheneven a new trace is performed, when used with the continuous trace option you can easily check the health of your network by viewing changes in the diagram.

    Application Port Testing, Port Probing, DNS Peformance Testing
    Trace specific application ports to test if your critical applications are up and responding as expected. VisualRoute measures and reports on DNS (domain name service) response time, which can have a significant effect on connectivity performance.

    Traceroute Tests from Visualware Servers
    Test from Visualware servers in Washington and London to test connectivity to your servers or network devices. This capability provides additional testing points to help identify network routes and network providers causing poor performance. Try a traceroute test now.

    Continuous Connection Testing with Report History
    Continuous network testing from the VisualRoute desktop to another network location supports automated cycling of connectivity tests to monitor performance degradation that may occur over long periods of time.

    Reverse Traces from Remote Desktops Help Resolve Customer Connectivity Problems
    The SupportPro Edition enables support staff to test connectivity in both directions: to/from the VisualRoute desktop and to/from remote systems. This capability provides visibility to connectivity problems that occur in one direction only, such as from the customer location to your server -- problems that are otherwise very difficult to pinpoint without imposing on the customer or traveling to the remote location. The SupportPro Edition utilizes remote agents to make reverse tracing a quick and easy process.

    IPv6 Compatibility
    IPv6 is the next generation of the Internet Protocol, the system by which data is transferred across the Internet. VisualRoute 2009 enables traces to IPv6 addresses, including IPv6 domain and network provider lookups.

  20. loxz

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    AI Roboform Pro 6.10.0 Final Multilanguage | 2.91 Mb


    AI RoboForm Pro the best manager of passwords and form filler with a serious Artificial intelligence. Main features RoboForm: automatically saves your internet-paroli, automatically enters in the form of passwords, click on the button Login for you, fills your personal information forms, varying remains classified information and notes, generate random passwords, encrypts passwords and personal data using AES, Blowfish , RC6, 3-DES or 1-DES, stores all the information only on the local computer, works with USB- disk providing maximum mobility, synchronizes your passwords and notes with the Palm or Pocket PC, provides backups and data recovery, works on both Windows Further to your browser, works with browsers Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox on Windows interface is Multi.

    • Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically.
    • Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click.
    • Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security.
    • Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess.
    • Fights Phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites.
    • Defeats Keyloggers by not using keyboard to type passwords.
    • Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers.
    • Synchronizes passwords between computers using GoodSync.
    • Searches for keywords in your passwords, notes and Internet.
    • Portable: RoboForm2Go runs from USB key, no install needed.
    • PDA-friendly: sync your passwords to Pocket PC and Palm.
    • Neutral: works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox.
    • IE 7 and Vista are now supported.

    Home page -

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