Lucid (2005)

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    IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

    Director: Sean Garrity

    Jonas Chernick... Joel Rothman

    rest of cast listed alphabetically:

    Lindy Booth... Sophie
    Kristen Harris... Mari
    James Janssens... Dave Walker
    Suzanne Kelly... Telephone Operator
    Ross McMillan... Les
    Michelle Nolden... Chandra
    Callum Keith Rennie... Victor
    Lauren Ritz... Gwen
    Robert G. Slade... Pharmacist
    Gordon Tanner... Doctor
    Brianna Williams... Jenny

    A chilly and efficient thriller shot entirely in Winnipeg, the film charts a descent into (what may or may not be) madness of one Dr. Joel Rothman (Jonas Chernick), a young psychotherapist plagued by insomnia after his wife and young daughter catch him in bed with another woman.

    Now in case all that sleep deprivation wasn't enough, Rothman's also got his hands full with a trio of twitchy new patients -- each of them wrestling with head-case issues of their own.

    Sophie (Lindy Booth) is a suicidal drug addict, Chandra (Michelle Nolden) is stressed about having to care for her comatose sister and Victor (Callum Keith Rennie) has a hair-trigger temper brought on by the breakdown of his family.

    But over the course of a few tense sessions, Rothman realizes his patients' problems run deeper than he first thought. All three are haunted by paranoid visions of "repeaters" -- people they don't believe really exist -- and all three are convinced they're either immortal or pawns in some government experiment.

    Soon Rothman finds himself struggling to maintain his own already-tenuous grip on reality, leaving a trail of car wrecks and dead dogs in his wake as he tries to appease his patients, his increasingly creepy daughter, and medical superiors who just want him to get some sleep.

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