Building Mobile Apps for Multiple Devices with Flash Professional Video Int

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    38 Building Mobile Apps for Multiple Devices with Flash Professional Video Interactive Tutorial with Exercise Files


    In this course, author Paul Trani demonstrates how to create, test, and publish a mobile app that works across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS) and adapts to either a smartphone or tablet display. The course also tackles the issue of various screen sizes and density and how to scale and adjust content. Exercise files are included with the course.


    Topics include:
    * Designing for mobile
    * Modifying existing web content for mobile delivery
    * Using the accelerometer
    * Setting up a mobile project
    * How to test and debug
    * Optimizing graphics and ActionScript for mobile
    * Creating scalable content
    * Adjusting for orientation
    * Sharing and updating graphics across multiple projects
    * Publishing an app to the App Store and Android Market

    Introduction 3m 8s
    Welcome 54s
    Using the exercise files 39s
    What you should know 1m 35s

    1. Mobile and Tablet Overview 9m 42s
    Designing for mobile devices 6m 23s
    Overview of Adobe AIR 3m 19s

    2. Mobile App Design 35m 10s
    Modifying web content for mobile devices 10m 30s
    Dynamically positioning graphics 10m 45s
    Using the accelerometer 13m 55s

    3. Testing on Android Devices 21m 42s
    Publishing an app 6m 30s
    Testing on an Android device 2m 44s
    Debugging your app 5m 27s
    Checking a device’s capabilities 7m 1s

    4. Optimization 21m 56s
    Adapting content for specific devices 7m 31s
    Optimizing graphics for mobile devices 8m 25s
    Optimizing ActionScript 6m 0s

    5. Adapting for Different Devices 23m 25s
    Creating content for different platforms 9m 37s
    Creating content for tablets 3m 38s
    Updating graphics across projects 3m 33s
    Adjusting for orientation 6m 37s

    6. Testing on iOS Devices 19m 38s
    Creating a developer certificate 6m 5s
    Provisioning a device for testing 7m 53s
    Publishing an iOS app 5m 40s

    7. Submitting to the Public 15m 56s
    Submitting to the Apple App Store 8m 5s
    Submitting to the Android Market 7m 51s

    Conclusion 23s
    Goodbye 23s


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