Mac OSX 10.7 Lion DP 3 Build 11A459

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    Mac OSX 10.7 Lion DP 3 Build 11A459 (for Hakintosh) | 3,54 Gb

    If you have not never been installed, run the Mac OS from scratch and not seen as the first time the system starts, after installing from the installation media, then this distribution is for you!

    You will see the launch of the system from the very beginning, that is:
    Supernova explosion (if you do not have an integrated graphics card), setting up the connection (if the network card is supported by the manufacturer), sound (if supported Sound card manufacturer).
    User registration, selection of the region
    Extras. Information: The image of the system after the installation does not require any additional no assistive devices during system startup, except for the first launch.
    If you have a different maximum axis, then it runs out of zagruzochnik, which will later be used to run and the choice of starting systems, if installing from scratch, then you pass away once to use a bootable USB drive that would run the system, but from a system running start loader for subsequent runs of the system
    From the boot recommend Chameleon RC5 r778 or the other, with a swing Downloads -
    On the distribution of standing up to first download
    Installation: After downloading, the image is restored to the flash memory disk utility, restore the boot sector (that is, make a bootable USB flash drive) to any Chameleon (if you use a chameleon is not fit for the Lions, the bottles with the stick on the copy desk, after upgrading a chameleon, restore bottles)
    Statement versed in computers not much, for this judge is not strictly what if I did not in the way
    previously put out a hand, though not as productive as the Hazard-assembly (I hate fakes) on rutrekere and goldenshare, though not very much, and they seem to have had a positive response.



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