Mac OSX 10.7 Lion Install DVD For Intel PC's

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    Mac OSX 10.7 Lion Install DVD For Intel PC's | 4.2 GB

    This is an dvd boot to pc with application for ezier process read the readme files for an excellent time

    The new version of Mac OS X 10.7, which bears the sonorous name of the Lion, finally became available to users. The previous version of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard not brought with it a large number of user visible changes, most of the innovations were concentrated under the hood. In the Lions not so much of the innovation in 10.07 concerns directly to the user and the user interface. But I will not get ahead
    Mac OS X 10.7 Lion bootable DVD for Intel PCs
    MD5 (Mac OS X 10.7 Install DVD.iso) = 1e0d5d5355d659a7c146a1bc67f1badb

    Gestures & animations - new multitouch gestures
    Auto-Save maintaining operational status, even after logging out
    Versions - Time Machine for documents - manage document versions in two mouse clicks
    Resume - saves the state of your Mac after a reboot, including all applications, websites and documents
    Mail 5 - new e-mail client in the style iPad
    AirDrop - Instant wireless transmission of documents
    Lion Server - server version is now built into Mac OS X Lion

    Install Mac OS X (GM) from App Store
    MD5 (InstallESD.dmg) = b5d3753c62bfb69866e94dca9336a44a

    Patched/added files:
    System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg (patched: MBR, Platform check, 2 GB RAM check)
    System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/OSInstall (patched: MBR by nawcom)
    System/Library/Caches/ (added: kext cache to speed boot)
    usr/standalone/i386/cdboot (added: Chameleon v2.1svn r1703)

    Preboot.dmg contents:
    Extensions.mkext contents:



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