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           ______                            /\____
         -))    /  GF!                     -))____(
          |    /________________    ____/\   _________________    ___________
          |   /      /          \__/     /__/            ____/___/          (
          |               /     __      ___        /______      (     /     /
          |_/      /)__________/ /     /___)_______\  /____________________/   
         <=/      /==TEAM HOT===/     /   (=iSO DiViSiON====================>
          /______((-            \_________/ PRODULY PRESENTS:
          ____                _______ _________ ____________________________
          \___\\Release  Info\\____\_\\________\\___\______________________(
           supplier.....:  TEAM HOT
           release date.:  02/02/2009
           type.........:  MAC
           format.......:  DMG
           files........:  1DVD
          ____                ____
          \__(_\Release Notes\\____\_\\________\\___\______________________(
          ____                _______ _________ ____________________________
          \__(_\T E A M  NEWS\\____\_\\________\\___\______________________(
           Wanna Join?
           We Are Looking For:
           EU Affiliate Sites 100Mbit+
           Suppliers of Pre-retail, Including Software,Bookware,PhotoDisk
           Private 100Mbit+ for Exclusive Group Usage
          ____                _______ _________ ____________________________
          \__(_\ G r e e t s \\____\_\\________\\___\______________________(
          ____                _______ _________ ____________________________
          \__(_\Contact  Info\\____\_\\________\\___\______________________(
           EMAIL:[email protected]                                           
           __                                                            __ 
          /\_\_/)_________ _                          _ _____________(\_/_/\
          \/_/_\_________\\(-:(H O T i S O  2 0 0 5):-)//_____________/_\_\/
                 a s c i i   m a d e   b y   G r i m  F a n d a n g o       
    |.:.MisterX & MisterY.:.:..  \/ // | ||/| ||::.::.:::.Site Scripts V2.0:|


  2. Thank you :) I've been after this. But only from people who's links I can trust :):heyo:
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    Great Thanks
  4. Socket-Error

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    thanks gonna try it tomorrow :)
  5. BigRedNEck

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    Thats a huge image...whats all in it?

    Also, how do you burn the image in Windows since its not an ISO?
  6. BigRedNEck

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    Part 38 is being blocked at RapidShare.
  7. BigRedNEck

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    I think UltraISO will work with it...will update on that later.
  8. BigRedNEck

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    Well, this is a complete waste of time...file 38 is blocked at RS and is corrupt from NetLoad.

    Anybody have a complete and non-corrupted part 38?

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    thanks mate:heyo::heyo::heyo:
  10. ketamine

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    indeed. 35/36/37/38/39/58/59/61 are corrupt on netload.
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    Maplesoft Maple v13 for MacOSX


    New update for the 13th version of Maple numbered 13.01. Maple - System can be used for numerical and symbolic calculations, allows to simulate multi-technical systems and provides tools for the preparation of technical documentation. Version Maple 13 provides a set of new tools that simplify the preparation of visually appealing and easily interpretable three-dimensional drawings. Computing Platform Maple 13 provides the solution of a wide spectrum of engineering, mathematical and scientific problems. Novice users to Maple 13 provides the training and tools to step through solving the most complex tasks. Professionals provides convenient access to additional resources to quickly get answers to various questions.

    Product Maple 13 is integrated with leading CAD systems, including the popular platform NX. Maple 13 offers a sophisticated and high-performance means of numerical and symbolic computation with the possibility of presentation of mathematical results in the form of detailed technical documentation. The system provides high quality graphics and animation, and provides a set of tools for editing documents and management tools visualization results.

    Key features:
    • Establishment of transfer functions for the models based on differential equations, state space, the poles and zeros of the gain
    • The rapid transformation of models from one form to another
    • Graphical analysis: the construction of schemes of frequency characteristics, Root locus plots, graphics of zeros and poles of linear systems
    • Generation of signals of different forms of waves to create a pulse, periodic, sinusoidal, step, rectangular and triangular test signals
    • Simulation of discrete and continuous systems
    • Solution of differential equations using improved algorithms for solving the standard differential equations (ODEs), differential equations with partial (PDEs) and differential algebraic equations (DAEs)
    • Use of new algorithms for solving classes of nonlinear differential equations of standard 1 and 2 of the order and linear differential equations of order 3
    • Application of new algorithms to convert the equations into forms suitable for solution in Maple
    • Improved tools for working with partial differential equations include the commands to work with the operator of Euler, the continued flow and generalized integrating factor
    • Solving problems with user-defined events
    • Solving parametric problems
    • Definition of discrete variables in the formulation of the problem: in combination with the events of discrete variables can be used to determine the stopping criteria, conditions of return and many other events taking place in the process of making
    • Interpolation Curves with the ability to view and refine results by team ArrayInterpolation for multidimensional data interpolation
    • Improved options for programming
    • Ability to analyze and solve systems of parametric polynomial equations and inequalities
    • The command for computing the Kronecker tensor product of two matrices
    • Converting MATLAB codes in Maple
    • Integration with database Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Sybase, Oracle, IBM DB2 and MySQL
    • Ability to query, update and create databases in Maple environment

    New in Maple 13:
    • Maple Portal helps to solve different types of tasks and provides access to information resources Maple Portal for Engineers and Maple Portal for Math Educators, providing assistance in the selection of interactive tools and commands to perform technical computing
    • A new package of Dynamic Systems, is included in Maple 13 offers a wide range of graphical and analytical tools for linear time-invariant systems, essential in the development of management systems. Tools conveniently presented in the context menu
    • Support platform NX
    • Compatibility with CAD systems allows you to request parameters from the CAD drawings and send them to the new values back to the automatic inclusion in the design
    • Support for SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor
    • Vector Calculus Task Template includes more than 50 templates and new characters for convenient presentation of the results of calculations
    • Using the Troubleshooting Guide can quickly identify errors in code generation and properly amended
    • Maple 13 provides the creation of visually appealing designs with the possibility of placing a large amount of information

    Maple is the essential technical computing software for today's engineers, mathematicians, and scientists. Whether you need to do quick calculations, develop design sheets, teach fundamental concepts, or produce sophisticated high-fidelity simulation models, Maple's world-leading computation engine offers the breadth and depth to handle every type of mathematics. The result of over 25 years of cutting-edge research and development, Maple combines the world's most powerful mathematical computation engine with an intuitive, "clickable" user interface. Its smart document environment automatically captures all of your technical knowledge in an electronic form that seamlessly integrates calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images, sound, and diagrams.

    Maple 13 provides enhanced tools that support every stage of the solution development process, new 3D plotting facilities, and leading-edge solvers. It offers a convenient starting point for engineering calculations with the Maple Portal for Engineers, point-and-click access to powerful control systems analysis tools, and expanded CAD connectivity that adds NX to the list of supported CAD systems. New plotting facilities include extensive annotation tools and fly-through animations, making 3D plots more meaningful and easier to interpret. Maple 13's leading-edge solvers expand the problem-solving abilities of engineers. They include techniques for finding solutions to differential equations that are beyond the scope of standard methods.

    What's new in Maple 13:
    • The Maple Portal for Engineers provides a starting point for hundreds of common engineering calculations, including pointers to both interactive tools and commands. It also includes step-by-step tutorials that cover key topics in application development such as data structures and creating interactive applications.
    • Context-sensitive menus for control systems development means that creation, manipulation, and visualisation operations from the Dynamic Systems package can all be done with a click of a button.
    • CAD Connectivity support, which provides analysis capabilities to CAD systems such as SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, has been expanded to include NX ®.
    • Element-wise operations for applying functions to all members of a data structure provide a powerful and easy way to separate data structure operations from mathematical operations, simplifying application development.
    • Vector Calculus Task Template enhancements provide new templates and improved notation support to make these notationally challenging problems easier to set up and the results easier to interpret.
    • An Online Troubleshooting Guide for understanding and resolving coding problems helps you make corrections quickly. Hyperlinked messages lead to explanations and suggested solutions from Maplesoft and members of the Maple community.

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    Boris RED4_mac_ver. 4.3.4+keygen

    Description: Award Winning Titling, Effects and Compositing Software
    BORIS RED: Integrated Titling, Compositing and Video Effects Plug-i

    The only integrated 3D compositing, titling, and effects application to deliver unparalleled performance to over twenty NLE's. Designed specifically for editors, RED offers an unprecedented range of features and adds a standalone engine for rendering. It integrates 2D and 3D compositing, titling, paint, rotoscoping, a full suite of tools to create and extrude vector objects, 3D creation and animation, and the industry-leading software DVE technology. Save time and money using one interface, in one system.

    RED Key Features
    * Mac Intel Support
    * 164 video filters
    * 16 bit color depth
    * Raster Paint Engine
    * Subtitle import feature
    * OpenGL accelerated effects creation and playback
    * Advanced 2D and 3D compositing with unlimited layers
    * High quality keying, masking, mattes and Apply Modes
    * Motion tracking, corner pinning and image stabilization
    * Intersect any 3D shape including planes, spheres or extruded text
    * Vector paint and rotoscoping with precise controls
    * Over 110 filters including Wire Remover, Film Grain and Match
    * Superior 2D and 3D titling
    * Vector text for razor-sharp display at any scale



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