Madhouse (1974)

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    Rating: 5.7/10
    Runtime: 92
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Colour
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Jim Clark
    Vincent Price... Paul Toombes
    Peter Cushing... Herbert Flay
    Robert Quarry... Oliver Quayle
    Adrienne Corri... Faye
    Linda Hayden... Elizabeth Peters
    Natasha Pyne... Julia
    Barry Dennen... Blount
    Catherine Willmer... Louise
    Ellis Dayle... Alfred
    Jenny Lee Wright... Carol
    John Garrie... Harper
    Ian Thompson... Bradshaw
    Julie Crosthwaite... Ellen
    Peter Halliday... Psychiatrist

    Description: Recovering from a nervous breakdown after his fiancee's murder, horror actor Vincent Price is hired to reprise his "Dr. Death" character on TV, but someone dressed as Dr. Death is turning fiction into fearful reality. Peter Cushing and Robert Quarry also star. Extracts from Price's Roger Corman movies, among others, are edited into 'clips' from his supposed Dr Death movies. Decent horror film with good performances from Price, Cushing, and the strong supporting cast.

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    File size: 748Mb | Dimensions: 700 x 388
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