Madness & Gli Occhi Dentro ( 1994)

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    Rating: 6.3
    Runtime: 85
    Language: English
    Country: Italy
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Bruno Mattei
    Antonio Zequila
    Monica Seller ... Giovanna Dei (as Carol Farres)
    Gabriele Gori
    Carlo Granchi
    Emy Valentino

    Description: Artist Giovanni Dai (Monica Seller) comes under fire from the media when a masked maniac begins emulating the murders committed by the lead character in her comic Doctor Dark. It tells the tale of a murderous schizophrenic that spends his days working as a Pagan professor, but spends his nights murdering babysitters. The assassin then removes his victim's eyeballs and places broken glass over the bleeding sockets. Before long the slaughters begin getting closer and closer to Giovanni and her boyfriend and it's left up to the dedicated detective Callistrati (Anthony Zequila) and his squad to stop the psychopath before he finally reaches her…

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