Magix Generic Online-Activator v1.1 x86.x64

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    Magix Generic Online-Activator v1.1 x86.x64 - Tracer | 900 KB

    GENERIC UNIVERSAL ONLINE ACTIVATOR MEANS EXACTLY: you dont need anymore cracks for coming addons updates after this, because you're "real" regged, no matter which protein.dll or magixofa_u.dll version and size is used by the magix-app, it works (Also on many popular non-audioappz by magix).

    ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READING THE: NFO (Install Notes) CAREFULLY, to avoid crack fails!

    Install Notes

    copy the patch in the magix MAINDIR and apply as admin, the patcher navigates you first to the "protein" dir, just choose the protein.dll here

    !if more than one protein.dll's inside this folder, choose the HIGHEST version of the dll that you see, actually there are 3 aviable: protein.dll \ proteinV5.dll and proteinV7.dll!

    if done, the patcher navigates you to the folder: "ONLINE" just choose here the file called: "MagixOFA_u.dll"

    Start the magix app and activate ONLINE with any e-mail adress and any SN ( in a way of: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx)
    remember your sn because you need it in some magix apps again for some additional stuff inside the app like codecs etc

    just install the aviable additional addons and coming updates from the web or the app- menue

    Checked successfully with the following trials:

    MAGIX Video Pro X
    MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD 2013
    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium
    MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab
    MAGIX Samplitude Pro X Suite

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