Magnificent Obsession (1935)

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    Rating: 7.5/10 139 votes
    Runtime: 97
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Black & White

    Director: John M. Stahl
    Irene Dunne ... Helen Hudson
    Robert Taylor ... Dr. Robert Merrick
    Charles Butterworth ... Tommy Masterson
    Betty Furness ... Joyce Hudson
    Sara Haden ... Nancy Ashford
    Ralph Morgan ... Randolph
    Henry Armetta ... Tony
    Gilbert Emery ... Dr. Ramsay
    Arthur Treacher ... Horace
    Beryl Mercer ... Mrs. Eden
    Alyce Ardell ... The French maid
    Theodore von Eltz ... Dr. Preston
    Sidney Bracey ... Butler
    Arthur Hoyt ... Perry
    Cora Sue Collins ... Ruth

    Description: The story of a woman's need for a man that will become one of the great emotional thrills of your lifetime!

    Based on Lloyd Douglas' novel of the same name, John M. Stahl's Magnificent Obsession is one of the most tumultuous melodramas of all time.

    Plot summary

    The life of spoiled Robert Merrick (Robert Taylor) is saved through the use of a hospital's only pulmotor, which results in the death of Dr. Hudson, a selfless, brilliant surgeon and generous philanthropist. Merrick falls in love with Hudson's widow, Helen (Irene Dunne), though she holds him responsible for her husband's demise. One day, he insists on driving her home and makes a pass at her. She gets out and is struck by another car, losing her sight.

    He watches over her and visits her during her recuperation, concealing his identity and calling himself Dr. Robert. When he finds out that she is nearly penniless, he secretly pays for specialists to try to restore her vision. Finally, she travels to Paris and is told that her eyesight is gone forever. Robert follows her, confesses his true identity and proposes marriage. She forgives him, but goes away, not wanting to be a burden to him.

    Years later, Robert has become a brain surgeon. He learns that Helen urgently needs an operation, which he performs. When she awakens, her sight has miraculously returned.

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