Malcolm (1986)

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    Rating: 7.0/10
    Runtime: 83
    Language: English
    Country: Australia
    Color: Colour

    Description: Disarmingly offbeat comedy about a slow-witted young man with a genius for intricate, though often useless, mechanical devices. Malcolm finally gets the axe one day after pulling a harebrained stunt with one of his inventions. In dire need of money, he decides to take in two tenants - Frank, an ex-con and his faithful girlfriend. Malcolm then turns to a life of crime, with help from Frank.

    This is an absolute gem - a really original, clever and funny film. Colin Friels and John Hargreaves are brilliant, the gadgets are hilarious, and the music (from the Penguin Café Orchestra) beautifully surreal. This film has without question the most unusual bank raid sequence on film. Enjoy!

    File size: 699Mb | Dimensions: 608 x 336
    Video: 1055Kbps XviD | Audio: 120kbps mp3

    Rar Password: None




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