Malpertuis (1971)

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    Rating: 6.7/10 (362 votes)
    Runtime: 120 Mins
    Language: Dutch
    Country: France | Belgium | West Germany
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Harry Kümel
    Orson Welles... Cassavius
    Susan Hampshire... Nancy / Euryale / Alice / Nurse
    Michel Bouquet... Dideloo
    Mathieu Carrière... Jan
    Jean-Pierre Cassel... Lampernisse
    Daniel Pilon... Mathias Crook
    Walter Rilla... Eigengott
    Dora van der Groen... Sylvie Dideloo
    Charles Janssens... Philarette
    Sylvie Vartan... Bets
    Jet Naessens... Eleonora
    Cara Van Wersch... Rosalie
    Jenny Van Santvoort... Elodie
    Fanny Winkler... Mother Griboin
    Robert Lussac... Griboin (as Bob Storm)

    Description: Even for Europe in the high-baroque 1970s, Malpertuis--also known as The Legend of Doom House--is one strange cinematic beast. Flemish filmmaker Harry Kümel's primary-colored fever dream, heavy on the reds and blues, opens as young sailor Jan (the androgynous Mathieu Carrière) goes on leave. Time and place are not indicated, but the dialogue is in Dutch and the townspeople appear to have stepped out of a Breughel painting.

    While searching for his boyhood home, Jan wanders into a crowded cabaret, where he's propositioned by the ravishing Bets (French vocalist Sylvie Vartan) before being accosted by the devious Dideloo (Michel Bouquet). When he awakes, Jan finds himself in Malpertuis, labyrinthine mansion of his Uncle Cassavius (a putty-nosed Orson Welles). Other lodgers include taxidermist Philaris (Charles Janssens) and resident madman Lampernist (Jean-Pierre Cassel). After reuniting with his sister, Nancy (Susan Hampshire, who plays four parts), Jan falls for Dideloo's secretive daughter, Euryale (Hampshire). Then Cassavius reads his will to the entire clan. It stipulates that all beneficiaries must remain at Malpertuis. The last one standing will inherit the estate. And with that, the bodies start dropping until Jan unlocks his uncle's secret.

    Based on the horror-fantasy novel by Jean Ray, Malpertuis followed Kümel's "erotic nightmare of vampire lust" Daughters of Darkness. His adult fairytale represents the epitome of surrealist cinema--aided immeasurably by the atmospheric cinematography of The Go-Between's Gerry Fisher. Originally released in an edited English version, the director has restored the original language and length. This two-disc set includes both editions plus commentary, liner notes, an interview with the filmmaker, and featurettes on Hampshire, Ray, and Welles, who was "very disagreeable" on the set. Look sharp in the cabaret sequence for a cameo from Vartan's then-husband, Johnny Hallyday, as a sailor.






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